Takeshi Lexin

Name: Takeshi

Appearance: Just a bit over average height for a boy his age Takeshi has a wiry frame, the kind that is deceptively stronger than it looks. Clothes, typically tank tops and track pants, fall loosely over the densely packed muscles that make up his frame which is the product of years of fitness training. His dark hair used to be kept mercilessly short in an almost military style buzzcut, though now it is somewhat longer and unkempt, and his brown eyes are ringed with a near permanent darkness caused by years of poor sleep. He rarely smiles, as if a great weight is pushing him down and hampering him every moment of his life. It's obvious that there's another person locked inside the sullen boy he presents to the world, but the exact nature of that person is hard to figure out.

His foster parents have hoped for a long time that there would be a breakthrough, and a happy, well-adjusted kid would come to the fore. He hopes that too.

Background Information: Takeshi originally hails from Viridian City. He was still quite young, only just in elementary school when the blight happened, and he lost his mother soon after the terrestrial pokemon began to warp, she was set upon and killed by her own loyal pokemon. She had been the most important thing in Takeshi's father's life and he became a shell of his former self, never really recovering from his sadness. Watching the downward spiral of his dad, suffering from the trauma of witnessing his mother's death and the nightmares that came to him every night, the boy who had once dreamed of growing up to be a trainer, maybe even a gym leader some day, began to hate pokemon.

More or less abandoned by his depressed father who turned to drink and depredation, a starving Takeshi was taken to child services by one of his school teachers and eventually turned over as a foster child to a kindly couple living in Pallet Town and who took on foster kids due to not being able to have their own children.

Despite being a distant and unhappy child, Takeshi was respectful of his foster parents and siblings, always finishing his chores and doing whatever was required of him. He took up running and working out to find a way to zone out of the world and forget everything.

At a crossroads in his life, he's not really made a decision as to what he wants to do, he doesn't see the world as a place that is likely to become better anytime soon, but he's sworn to himself he will never give up like his father did. He agrees to go and see Professor Willow because he is afraid that there will be no future for him if he doesn't take this opportunity.

Pokemon Wishlist: Scraggy, Piplup, Bonsly, Togepi, Gollet, Ledyba (...and about fifty others)

Goal: To find something worth holding on to, and to never let it go.

Trainer Character Sheet
Name : Takeshi |Gender: Male |Max HP : 72
Age : 16 |Height: 5'10" |Money : 100
Level : 2 |Weight: 152lbs |Pokemon:
Classes: Ace Trainer, Enduring Soul
STR 13 +1 14 +2
DEX 12 - - +1
CON 12 +4 16 +3
INT 9 - - -1
WIS 9 - - -1
CHA 9 - - -1

Current Team
Pentaro/Piplup/9/985/1000/Sitrus Berry
Kokuen/Houndour/13/3360/4000/Sitrus Berry

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)
1: Ace Trainer-
Effect: Each of your Pokemon gains and additional 20% the amount of experience they would gain
Enhanced Training
Trigger: Your Pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits.
Effect: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add either half of your STR modifier or half of
your CON modifier before your foes subtracts their defense or special defense from the attack.
Improved Attacks
2: Enduring Soul-
Effect: You may add to your Pokemon’s HP stat when they level up, ignoring Base Relation.
Boundless Endurance
Effect: Your Pokemon faint when they reach -25% HP instead of at 0 HP. Pokemon cannot use the
Moves Endeavor, Explosion, Flail, Pain Split, Reversal or Selfdestruct while they have 0 HP or less.
Pokemon with the Soulless ability cannot benefit from Press On!
Press On!

Tent, Backpack, Flashlight, Rope, Camping Stove, Lighter, Spare clothes, Pillow
Pokeball x0, 2(+2) Sitrus Berries
Caught (2): Piplup, Houndour
Seen (14): Piplup, Bulbasaur, Nidoran (F), Elekid, Houndour, Oddish, Pidove, Rattata, Murkrow
Pidgey, Ekans, Diglett, Drilbur, Hitmonchan

Can I get an introduction post? Basically what you will write when the game starts to introduce your character to the game.

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