Name: Jack

Appearance: Jack stands at an average height for a man his age. He typically wears jeans and a shirt with a jacket. His hair is shaggy but commonly pressed flat beneath his favorite hat. Unlike many of the other kids who’ve grown up alongside him he is generally upbeat and quick to smile.

Personality: Jack is a friendly guy. Even those who try hard to push others away can find it hard to resist his friendship. He is often hyper competitive, but he's never let it make him selfish or uncaring. He'd rather lose a contest than a friend. That sense of loyalty and a steadfast nature makes him an emotional rock for many.

Background Information: Jack has spent his entire life in Pallet town. He grew up obsessed with pokemon, trainers, and league battling. Nearly every waking moment was devoted to pokemon and learning how to train them, the best moves to use, and anything else related.

Jack’s father was a pokemon trainer of some note. When he was home he’d participate in mock pokemon battles with Jack, teaching him a trick here and there. When he was gone he’d send messages to Jack about where he was and what he was doing. Once in a while Jack would even get to watch his father battle on TV. Shortly before the blight his father had told them that he was going to be taking over as a gym leader. They had made plans to move the family.

His father never came back for them. The blight had come and the world had gone mad. His fathered disappeared in the chaos and left him and his mother with questions they couldn’t answer. For many just like him their dreams were dashed when the blight came. It’s devastating effects destroyed so much and left the world in shambles. For Jack however the dream lives on. Never has his resolve to be the best trainer and battler in the league faltered. He’s determined to become a great trainer even if he has to tame every pokemon that’s gone bad and build the league back up with his own two hands.

Since the event he's spent most of his teenage life helping take care of his mom and pallet town. Now though his chance to be a trainer as finally come. When he received word from the professor he nearly passed out from shock and excitement. His mom, knowing she would cripple him if she didn’t give her blessing, gave him the greenlight to chase his dream.

Pokemon Wishlist: All of them (But for starters: Elekid, Scraggy, Beldum, Abra)

Goal: To become the best trainer ever. So finding out how to cure the blight and rebuild the league.

Writing Sample: I’m in multiple games you could reference. A related game (Pokemon) is Here

Probable Character Class: Ace Trainer. Thinking tag battler possibly, but I’d like to see where he goes in game.

Trainer Character Sheet
Name: Jack              |Gender: Male               |Max HP: 52
Age:  20                  |Height:  5'11"               |Money: 
Level:  0                  |Weight:  170lbs            |Pokemon:

STR |13  |    |    | 
DEX |10  |    |    | 
CON |13 |     |    | 
INT  | 9 |    |     | 
WIS | 9  |    |     | 
CHA | 10  |    |     | 
Current Team

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)


Pokedex: 0 Caught, 0 Seen

App looks pretty solid. Can i get a sample introduction post. Basically I want to read how you'll introduce your character to the game.

Jack’s mother, Cynthia, reminded him once again “If you don’t go to sleep you’ll miss your appointment tomorrow.” Then for the tenth time he responded, “If I could go to sleep I would, but I’m to excited. My brain is racing with the possibilities. I mean…” he trailed off. In a quiet voice filled with longing and hope, “I might even find out what happened to dad.” The two left it at that.

Eventually sleep overtook Jack and he was immersed in a world filled with dreams of pokemon and adventure. His mother however remained awake for several more hours or perhaps even the whole night as she wept quietly for her lost husband. Soon too her son would be gone leaving and she'd be alone. She would never tell him that thought for fear of crushing the bright light of hope he had inside him.

With a jolt Jack awoke the next morning. His body had only gotten half the sleep it normally would, but his excitement was pumping so much adrenaline he didn’t even notice the fatigue. He threw on his clothes, "later mom", and was out the door in a flash. Her shouted "goodbye" barely registered as he ran nearly full out to get to the professors house.

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