Richard Harrelson

Richard Harrelson

Name: Richard Harrelson

Appearance: Richard is a very slender individual, enjoying the sleek fabrics of black and red to contort to his form. It was quite often you can see him wearing that of a black trenchcoat, draped across him with a symbol across the edges of each side. Red lines in some kind of formation. Under it, most times it would be a red collar shirt to try and pull off the contrast of colors and bring the attention on the blood red fabrics and the tinge of red that almost focused on the eyes. One could probably figure out the red in the eyes was some sort of contacts. The man was all two colors, to black dress pants to the red in the shoes where the tongues are implemented. Hair continued the trail with raven black hair, edges coat to avoid it from falling into the eyes but remained in length in the back.

By the way that he walked, Richard had quite a confident stride to him, an aura of arrogance that could be met with his movement. Richard was one of those people that thought he was better, and knew he was better in some cases. Living now to try and find a way to ensure that he remained better, stronger, more powerful then anyone else he came across.

Background Information:
Life had been pretty good for the family of the Harrelson, Richard had lived off the healthy and wealthy style of his family. A major trade industry was the enterprise, and it allowed the young son of Martha and Darryl Harrelson to be spoiled. Never a problem when it came to the things he wanted, and as such, he lived in his own seclusion playing video games and relaxing on the computer. The major trade that the industry that his family owned had to do with wool that came from a Mareep's back and body. The wool, spun and harvested by a small farm-factory that they owned gave people a chance to wear some of the fine wool sweaters, or whatever other clients or trade-partners wanted.

In school, he was distant from all the other children because he thought he was better then them due to the money and income his family brought in, going as far as claiming that his parents are better then your parents.. A very classic line for the spoiled child. With him alienating himself from other class-mates, his marks remained polished, to a degree. He wasn't a straight A student by any means, but he was able to continue to hold out a B pretty easily which was more then beneficial for his parents since Richard had more enjoyment on the off time, even with his constant need of games, he was still in relatively good shape and took time out of the day, to walk around.[In a trenchcoat as well, because thats how most people do it if they got one!]

One day however, the Mareep started to get restless, and were jolting with electricity in their anxiety. All the while, Richard was basking in the senseless dribble of math class, that it all started to break out, the Mareep started to gather a real edge to them, and started to attack the employees!... and even Darryl who was taking inventory on the wool they have gotten the first of the Month, and a great electrical shock hit Darryl, leaving him in what appeared to be a comatose state. The man was rushed to the hospital by the employees while the Mareep escaped, fleeing to the land and freedom they supposedly wanted. The entire industry was shattered from the ground up, and the head of it all, was fixed in a hospital unable to move. Unconscious but still breathing, yet, the doctors didn't know when or if he was going to wake up, and this struck Richard as soon as he heard the news... what?.. Why?.. How?... All these thoughts rummaged through his mind. No longer could the money clamber back in, due to the lack of trade, and the family hit a poverty from it, without their leader in Darryl.. They could do nothing but lay-off their workers, and use whatever money they could to survive.

"I will figure out... who did this... what did this.. what is behind this."

Was the last words that Richard spoke to his mother, now given an opportunity to bask more into it. His mother was against it at first, still strained after the comatose state of her husband, but Richard wasn't going to take no for an answer. Whatever the case, no matter what he was going to do... he was going to try and find answers. To try and find a reason, to put the blame on someone for what happened on that faithful day... But first.. he needed to go see a professor.

Pokemon Wishlist: Croagunk, Ekans, Timburr, Pawniard, Escavalier

Goal: Survival mostly, in order to survive. He also needs, for his family name to figure out the truth of what happened, and what caused the disaster to the industry. There is a reason for everything, and somewhere, there was a cause to this.

Writing Sample: Active Game, I'm also in a less active Pokemon game if you want a RPin' sample from there. Pokemon less then active game.:

Martha Harrelson: "Honey... I really don't think you should be doing this... Please don't do this.."

*The mother disputed at the kitchen table, her facial expression had one of worry stripped across it. She didn't want her son to go on this meeting, she knew how hard-strong he had become since the disaster that let the company become crippled, along with the current loss of Darryl. Her soft, blue orbs lingering at Richard who was currently occupied with eating the pancakes that was made for him. His right hand delving across the fork, pushing a fold of the fluffy, battered pancake up to his lips to take a chew, it wasn't until he was finished, that the words finally started to spew from his lips. His tone low, yet held a determined nature by the way he spoke.*

Richard Harrelson: "I'm going... And no one is going to stop me from going. I'm more then capable, of handling myself mother."

Martha Harrelson: "I know... I know. I know you can, but please try and be safe.. its all I'm asking.. especially a.... Well.. you know."

*Her voice grew quiet with her breath now shortened. A sigh was able to be caught as she continued to think about that disaster, such a day that was still haunting the family to this very day. Her eyes dropped, as sadness in the form of tears began to glisten in those orbs, making her eyes shut several times to try and keep the waterworks from flowing. Richard's expression however, did not change during this entire time... focused in his current eating of the pancakes, before those red eyes.. tinted by the contacts he decided to wear looked up to his mother. A forced smile, spreading across his lips before his head would bop to and fro, back and forth in its shake.*

Richard Harrelson: "I'll be fine mom... I'm stronger now, you should pray to those that decide to take this trip as well. I'll be fine, I'll get us the answers we need most."

Martha Harrelson: "Then you better hurry young man, you are going to be late if you don't hurry up and finish your breakfast. My oh my, what am I going to do without a man in the house."

*She put on a smile, and tried to get her young boy, slowly becoming a man to finish up his meal. Time didn't take long for breakfast to be over, and for Richard to be at the door, ready to be sent off by his mother who came to him, after the dishes were put into the sink. Embracing each other into that of a big hug, Richard squeezing tight in his rare sign of compassion before he started to walk off, away from the home he has known for years.. away from the life he once had lived, and now onto this new path he made for himself, throwing himself into this new life because.. he needed answers*

Martha Harrelson: "TAAAAAKE CARE!!... PLEASE... COME HOME SAFELY!!.. COME BACK WHEN YOU CAN!!!... Please.....please be safe.."

Richard Harrelson: "I need answers... I need the truth... I will find out what happened to you father, and what really.. really happened."

Probable Character Class: Martial Artist >>> Dirty Fighter >>> Weapons Master


Trainer Character Sheet
Name   : Richard Harrelson       |Gender: Male               |Max HP : 58/58
Age    : 20                      |Height: 5'10               |Money  : (40 dollars)
Level  : 2                       |Weight: 160                |Pokemon:(2/2)
Classes: Martial Artist

STR | 14 |  +1  |  15  | +2
DEX | 14 |  +2  |  17  | +3
CON | 10 |  0  |  10  | 0
INT | 10 |  -2  |  8  | -2
WIS |  6 |  0  |   6  | -4
CHA | 10 |  0  |  10  | 0
Current Team

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)
Combat Focus/Pg65/ Adding dex to damage deal as trainer
Martial Endurance/pg65/ Half Str+Dex x5 to HP
Weapon of choice- Knife

40 Pokedollars
Pokedex: 2 Caught, 3 Seen

Sparky the Elekid

Average Attributes
Speed Capabilties Overland: 4
Power: 1 Elemental Classification Electric -
Sky: 0
Int: 2
Surface: 2
Jump: 1
Burrow: 0
Underwater: 0

Elekid is a yellow, round-bodied Pokémon with black stripes. Elekid’s arms are bulkier in proportion to its body. It has stripes on its arms. Elekid has two horns on top of its head that are shaped like the prongs of a plug, even with holes in their sides. Elekid has a black lightning bolt marking on its chest. Ergovore, Herbivore.

I have to say, I love and hate Richard.

He is so broken and scared, but he is a total jerk xD

It is kind of awesome.

Haha, I say most people will love and hate Richard on this trip.

Thank you for the kind words, I knew Richard was going to be very jerkish at the beginning but never know, things may happen to cause that change. It was pretty hilarious for him to pick the electric Pokemon though, loved that xD.

Assssassin the Ekans

Average Attributes
Speed Capabilties Overland: 8
Power: 1 Elemental Classification Poison -
Sky: 0
Int: 3
Surface: 6
Jump: 1
Burrow: 0
Underwater: 0

Ekans is a long reptilian with no limbs. It has a rattle at the tip of its tail, and is mostly purple while its underbelly, eyes, rattle, and the “bands” on it are yellow. Carnivore.

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