Non Sequitur

A place for light-hearted forum games and other threads that don't promote discussion.

give an answer, get a question

How many wives does Garesh have and what are their names?

The blue banana.

What is a different word for the European backbone?

9,5, if you don't count the black camel.

what do you get if you put a pie made out of roots into a square?

A d20 (Come on, I want to see the craziest question possible here)

What's the best substitute for ball bearings in an engine, if you're in a pinch for a short ride?

Copious quantities of dihydrogen monoxide

What's the nicest thing anyone ever said about the Spice Girls?

Avocado and Avogadro

What did the Insectile Half Dragon Half Goristo Were Bear Blade Rager troll guard?


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