Non Sequitur

A place for light-hearted forum games and other threads that don't promote discussion.

give an answer, get a question

Who on Comedy Central is not funny?

Extreme Go-Kart Racing!

What was the cause of death?

A thin film of a peanut-based oil, rubbed fully on the reactor casing to prevent meltdown.

What is the most chewy space structure known to man?


What's the perfect accompaniment to a venti iced soy chai latte with seven pumps?


I call it an eleven dimentional predictive algorithym for human relationship development, what do you call it?


Where do vampires go to civilly discuss the values of different
And I'm not talking about A+ or B- blood...
blood types?

Your sister

What is the most annoying song in history?

Dogs drool, cats rule!


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