02 - Necessary Evil

As he comes back to his senses, Travok realizes that they are beset upon by dangerous creates indeed. Privately he wonders about the wisdom of charging like his friends have just done. Travok considers the predicament that Samm and Willow are in and decides to send his spirit to their aid and calls it from the spirit world to materialize near the two that are fighting back to back. With a splash the spirit forms into a globe of water that glows with an otherworldly light. The light immediately flares and turns dark red, and Samm and Willow wince as they hear the backlash of a psychic screech of rage. The effect of the attack is immediately visible as one of the creatures beside Willow stiffens and emits a groan of agony. Distinct from the psychic attack, there is a short gust of ice cold air that washes over the same creature, and it's movements lose a great deal of their fluidity. The other creatures are momentarily distracted by the attack, and Samm has the opportunity to slip by them without fear of counter-attack. The spirit follows up its attack with a powerful splash of water, but the creature has already recovered and eerily arcs out of the way, leaving the elemental water to splash harmlessly. Travok himself does nothing but stand his ground as his concentration is taken directing the spirit.

Samm took advantage of his enemies momentary distraction, and the fluidity the spirits infusion lent his movement, to slip out through one of the fast disappearing gaps in the circle of enemies around him. "Never get trapped," he reminded himself as he reappeared behind the prone and bloodied Lasher, a wide grin on his face. "Still here, buddy!"

SummaryShift to G21


Travok’s spiritual assault gives Samm the chance to slip away and prepare an attack against the spiner but he does not notice the creature, the upright abomination, as it marches forward, its eyes upon the seasoned sailor. He suddenly feels ill as the very air around the creature turns to a sickening, rotting miasma. The rest of you see it raise its hand and opens its viciously-taloned fingers, making a grasping gesture at Samm and there is a flash of light in the mad caster’s eyes, followed a moment later by the same flash in Samm’s and he falls to a knee.

As he rises, you can see the same neon blue of the creature’s now burns in Samm’s eyes and his head snaps toward Willow as she parries the attacks coming at her from the spiner and lasher near her. Without a word, Samm hunches over and bounds through the snow like one of the very creatures you are fighting, gripping his trident with both hands. As he comes up behind Willow, she gives him a quick glance over her shoulder, a welcoming smile on her face that quickly disappears as he thrusts his trident deeply into her side with both hands, the middle tine piercing into her ribs up to the hilt.

Only then does the color fade from his eyes and he realizes what he has been forced to do.

Watching the devastation befall the people he call's his friends, and samm's attack on his own allies, thorn loses' himself to his natural power, letting lightening dance around him as he strides towards Samm, fully losing himself to his natural gifts, blasting the Madcaster with a blast of lightening from above as thorn's very shape disappears and reappears a short ways away. Before focusing deep within himself and summoning the same coldness that drives him to travel the world, summoning teeth made of ice to rain on the madCaster and the enemies around it.

Move to k29
Attack StormWalk - Hits Madcaster for 14 Damage
Shift to I28, misses with Ice Dragons teeth.
Chaos Burst - +1 to AC till next turn
Wild Soul = +5 resist to psychic until next extended rest // ignore 5 resist on enemies to psychic damage

Seeing Samm and Willow having problems, Kadal is unsure what to do. After a long pause he moves foward to a drover and calls the winds to bring his enemies closer.

As his trident connects with the Drover, the wind does pick up and Kadal gets surrounded.
He grimaces and prepares himself for the attacks that are about to come

The bite of the blue poison in his limbs brought Samm back to the present with a jolt. As his vision cleared he looked in horror at the wounded shifter in front of him and his dripping trident. "Pull it together," he told himself "whats he last thing you remember? That thing at the back raised its hand... Oh god." His eyes widened as he pieced together what must have happened. He shuddered at the thought of one of those things controlling him like a puppet.

"I'm sorry Willow, I'm so sorry," he gasped, "you'll have to be on your guard against me it seems. I don't know what that thing did to my head. I'll try to stay away from you."

Still shocked at his actions, he moved away from his ally, fearful of hurting her again, and lashed out with his net against the fallen beast in front of him. The first blow connected, but the second went wide, his aim clearly disturbed by the sight of the bleeding shifter again.

"Focus," he told himself, "You're bleeding like a stuck pig Samm, and you'll be no good at defending anyone if you go down." Pulling his weapons into a defensive position, he tried to focus on the Lasher at his feet, mumbling his name to himself over again over again in an effort to keep the Madcaster out of his mind.

SummaryLasher 04 takes 7 damage, and is marked.
Samm gains +2 to all defenses until SoNT, 11HP and saves against ongoing.

"It wasn't you Samm", the huntress calls back, "stay with me hun, you don't want to face the wrath of Carmel if I don't get out of here," she half laughs at her companion and recent instructor.

She reaches inside herself, and using the druidic powers inherited from her mother, her skin turns to a tough by pliable form of tree
Oak Skin
Daily (Ranger 2) - Primal
Your skin takes on the texture of tough bark, protecting you from the worst of your enemies’ attacks.
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: You gain resistance to all damage until the end of the encounter. The resistance equals your Wisdom modifier.
bark, seeing the
Lasher still standing and recovering from Samm's attack, the air whips open as the sound of two kukris once again sing as the huntress, her teeth bared, a growling noise passing her lips swings her both of her
Twin Strike
Fey Strike Kukri +1: +7 vs AC, 1d6+1 damage, Kukri: +6 vs AC, 1d6+0 damage
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
At-Will (Ranger 1) - Martial, Weapon
If the first attack doesn't kill it, the second one might.
Standard Action - Melee or Ranged
Requirements: You must be wielding two melee weapons or a ranged weapon.
Target: One or two creatures
Melee Attack: +7 / +6 vs. Armor Class (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1, + Fey Weapon +1) / (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1) (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon)
Ranged Attack: +5 vs. Armor Class (Dex +2, + Prof. +2, 1/2 Level +1) (ranged:, two attacks)
Hit: 1[W] damage per attack.
Melee Damage: 1[W] 1d6+1 / 1d6 per hit
Ranged Damage: 1[W] 1d10 per hit
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
blades in again but the Lasher has seen her coming and manages to parry both of the bloodied huntresses' attacks. It is all she needs though to step back out of the way and grab a quick breather as the Lasher is put off balance and unable to follow her immediately.

Ongoing Necrotic Damage 5 -- 11 / 41
Oak Skin - resist 2 on all damage till EoEnc
Miss Lasher - TWICE!!!!
Slide to I24
Second Wind -- +10 hp, +2 to all Defenses SoNT -- 21 / 41
Miss Ongoing Necrotic Save - though now it is ongoing 3 (Oak Skin)


Under Thorn’s arcane assault, the mad caster is forced to a knee and hisses viciously at Thorn, trying to shield itself as the icicle daggers rain down upon it and its allies. On the other front, Kadal wades fearlessly into the middle of the abominations and calls upon the powers of the wind to draw them to him, daring them to strike his iron-hard flesh. Still shaken by the mad caster using Samm like a puppet, the sailor and the young shifter fare far worse, Samm barely managing to connect with his net and the wounded shifter finding her blows deflected by the unnatural creatures they face.

Although given a moment to catch their breath, Samm and Will find the moment doesn’t last long as the creature’s launch a second assault. The standing lasher’s steel cables snap at and whip around the air before him, forcing him to adopt a more defensive position and he doesn’t notice the drover sneak around behind him until the creature jumps and leaps onto his back, sinking its serrated teeth into his meaty neck and gripping around his body viciously to insure it is not bucked off.

Willow turns as Samm cries out, preparing to help the “old man” when the spiner, in a position she doesn’t remember it moving to, launches one of its spines with a jerking motion and the jagged, bone fragment lodges itself deep in the shifter’s side, just beneath her arm.

The same voice from before, the hollow, mechanical one, booms out from the forest once again. “Surrender now and you will suffer no more harm, strangers. Continue to fight and my unfleshed will tear you apart!

Ashara is torn, her heart tells her to run to Samm's aid, but she hears his voice in her head telling her to be smart. His group is so far away and she decides that if she can take out the group to her right, then they could all focus on saving Samm and Willow. With he heart in her throat, Ashara turns her back on Samm and moves to Stand behind Kadal. As she moves she pulls a small grenade from a pouch at her side and pulls her short sword. Hiding behind Kadal she tosses the bomb over him. The small bomb explodes and emits a bright flash. Without waiting to see the results of her bomb, she lashes her sword out at the drover beside the big mungo she is using as a shield.

The bomb explodes, blinding three of the four targets, the lasher furthest from her manages to block most of the damage and cover his eyes saving his eyesight. Kadal reacts to the bomb by stepping back just enough to bump into Ashara and make her miss her swing at the drover beside him.

Hit Lasher 2 - 26 damage, blinded
Miss Lasher 3 - 6 damage
Hit Spiner 3 - 12 damage, blinded
Hit Drover 2 - 12 damage, blinded


As Ashara’s flash-bang bursts, the unfleshed around Kadal shriek and begin to swing wildly, no rhyme or reason to their attacks and the rogue and warden are able to easily bat away their clumsy, blinded attacks. However, they attack with enough vigor that neither of you are able to stop the spiner as it dashes in and throws its arms upward, setting its vicious spines digging into your flesh, the necrotizing liquid finding its way into your blood stream.

Closer to the woods, the drover that Thorn moved in front of dashes past him, slashing deeply into his back and then flipping sideways to land in front of him, its long, wrist-claws slashing upward, cutting him deeply from stem to stern. Just West of him, one of the spiner’s hops forward, landing on all fours in front of Samm, Willow and the water spirit and with a grunt, many spines burst from its back, piercing Samm and Willow despite the latter’s hardened flesh.

The hollow, mechanical voice booms out again, this time from a different position but still somewhere hidden within the dark, snowy woods. “If any permanent harm is done to the foreigners, it will be visited ten-fold upon the inflicter!” Some of the unfleshed risk a glance over their shoulders to offer a defiant hiss but their posture shrinks somewhat at the mystery man’s (woman’s?) voice.


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