02 - Necessary Evil

Cursing the fact that his friends are so spread out, Travok sees that Samm and Willow need his help more than anyone on this side of the battle. He charges as far across the field as he can, and still finds himself between his two groups of friends, but he is also just in reach of Willow. While on the way he quickly gives a mental command to the spirit, and it reaches out to touch Samm and Willow. Both feel a surge of elemental vitality, giving them the fortitude to shrug away minor damage. As he reaches the limit of his sprint, Travok is just in range, and he reaches out to touch Willow with the primal energy of the spirits. He lacks the time for finesse however, and she is jolted by a sudden surge of energy that flows through her, closing some of her wounds abruptly. The spirit reaches out in response and Samm feels some of his own wounds close on their own as well. Knowing that it is coming down to the line, Travok pulls on his reserves to make one final action. He draws on the power of the spirit world and a blast of elemental water slams into the creature that's attacking Thorn. The creature staggers under the might of the spirits. The watery globe near flares in glee as it prepares to lash out at whichever enemy is struck next.


As Travok’s companion washes Willow and Samm with its healing energy, Corvana turns to the large group surrounding Kadal and, again, holds out her hand, fingers spread and utters a harsh, arcane word. From out of nowhere, an unkindness of spectral ravens appears and tears through the area, raking their talons and beaks across the unfleshed and leaving Kadal untouched. The creatures seem distracted, looking to the skies and they don’t notice Corvana slip away, looking to Samm’s group and back to Kadal’s, biting her bottom lip in worry.

The lasher before Samm rises to its feet, its arms never touching the ground, as though floating to its feet and it lashes its coils at him, but his trident and his armor prevent any of the steel whips from getting through. The mad caster lurches forward to lash out at Willow, but she nimbly ripostes, causing the unfleshed creatures' attack to go wild. Meanwhile, the air around the shifter and the sailor turns thick with the smell of rot and nausea.

Feelings the blades biting all over his body, Thorn completely loses it and begins to to laugh as he loses control of his power. Almost skipping Thorn quickly makes his way to a nearby tree, before causing the very air around the MadCaster to burst into flames. Before cocking his head to the side, as if listening to a voice. Quickly snapping back to reality, Thorn regains his focus, and forms a scillenting orb that turns blue, drawing from the Ice and water nearby, freezing the Drover, Freezing it in position

Move to F29
Attack Explosive Pyre - Hits Madcaster for 21 Damage, Enemies Starting or ending in an Adjecent Square take 8 Damage
Attack 2 - Chromatic Orb - Hits Drover 3, does 28 Damage, Drover 3 immobolized, save Ends
Chaos Burst - +1 to AC till next turn
Wild Soul = +5 resist to psychic until next extended rest // ignore 5 resist on enemies to psychic damage

Kadal shrugs of the necrotic affects easily and calmly assesses his targets.
Stay strong Ashara! He says and attacks again

Immediate Interrupt vs Mad Caster Attack on Willow
Seeing the Mad Caster closing on her, Willow prepares for him, all those weeks with Samm teaching her to fight as a team come to the fore. Willow allows the crap face to think she hasn't noticed him, then as he is about to close, she strikes out at the fleshless caster and takes him completely by surprise, a large gash whipped across his chest by her gleaming Fey Touched kukri, "Take that you crap faced minion of the undead" is heard by Samm and her companions as the yell rapidly turns into a growl, then a yowling of the wolf ...

Disruptive Strike
Fey Strike Kukri +1: +7 vs AC, 1d6+4 damage, Kukri: +6 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
Encounter (Ranger 1) - Martial, Weapon
You thwart an enemy's attack with a timely thrust of your blade or a quick shot from your bow.
Immediate Interrupt
Standard Action - Melee or Ranged
Keywords: Martial, Weapon
Target: The attacking creature
Trigger: You or an ally is attacked by a creature.
Melee Attack: +7 / +6 vs. Armor Class (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1, + Fey Weapon +1) / (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1) (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon)
Ranged Attack: +5 vs. Armor Class (Dex +2, + Prof. +2, 1/2 Level +1) (ranged:, two attacks)
Hit: 1[W] damage + Str (melee) or 1[W] damage + Dex (ranged). The target takes a penalty to its attack roll for the triggering attack equal to 3 + your Wis modifier (+2).
Melee Damage: 1[W] 1d6+4 / 1d6+3 (Fey Blade +1 (main only), Str +3)
Ranged Damage: 1[W] 1d10+2 (Dex +2)
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
Disruptive Strike

Samm looked around worried, their enemies were closing on all sides, Willow and himself were backed up against the water spirit, both were bleeding heavily. No, things definitely didn't seem to be going to plan.

Just when things were looking grim, the dwarf bust out across the forest, and the water spirit around them flared. Samm felt his skin harden with primal energy, and entwined a surge of healing energy, washing clean some of his wounds. As the strange caster moved forward, Samm felt sick. He saw the man move towards Willow, who seemed entirely unaware. He was about to shout a warning to her when suddenly the girl leaped forward, under the mans guard and slashed him across the chest. Samm chuckled as the things attack went wide, "Learning to be tricksy I see! Glad to see I haven't just been talking to myself!"

Suddenly the air around the Madcaster exploded in a burst of flame, and Samm saw Thorn cackling, as he unleashed another bolt towards the creature that was threatening, the glowing orb rooting it in place. When he turned back to the fight, he saw the caster's body fallen, smoking to the floor, and gave a shudder of relief. That thing wouldn't be invading his mind any more. He felt the air around him clear as it fell, and his spirit lifted. The poison surging through his veins barely dented his renewed energy, and he lashed out with his net towards the newly stood Lasher04. He looked with surprise, then approval, as Travok's spirit joined his assault, lashing out with a watery tentacle across the creatures face, and seemed more solid as a result. The creature well-entangled in his net he dragged it clear of the pack as he dodged out of the flanking position. "That's how you entangle someone matey!" He yelled with a laugh at the creature, "Not tripping over all your metal tentacles!"

Catching Willow's eye, he gave a flick of his head towards the Drover now in front of him, and winked. The predatory smile that returned revealed she had had the same idea. Glancing at the spirit, it too seemed to be looking at the soon to be surrounded enemy with glee.

Perhaps things weren't so bad after all...

SummaryLasher04 takes 15 damage, is marked and is slid to I22.
Samm takes 2 damage, shifts to J21, saves vs. Ongoing (with another perfect 10)

... seeing the crap face become incased in flames and falling to the ground as the flesh is burnt from his skin, the huntress calls upon the power of the pack,
Longtooth Shifting
Encounter (Race) - Healing
Minor Action - Personal
Requirements: You must be bloodied.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls. In addition, while you are bloodied, you gain regeneration 2.
transforming slightly, less longtooth shifter, more a predatory beast that is the wolf -- her jawline extends, her canines push out from her mouth, her chest expands and her limbs lengthen, the normally smooth pelt becomes a ragged grey mass of long fur, a wolf, but a wolf with a pair of kukris and a taste for the hunt, shaking her head the huntress looks around for her next prey, and catching Samm's smile and wink as he moves to distract the Drover behind Travok's spirit companion.

Her gums roll back to reveal her teeth, saliva pooring from her mouth at the taste of the hunt, if not the prey and she moves in for the kill, now more instinct then thought, Samm keeps the fleshless being occupied and the creature which is Willow sinks both of her Kukri's into it's turned back, Travok's spirit companion helping to bury the blades into the undead, bringing another howl from the huntress, the surge of the hunt flushing any necrotic poison from her body ...

SummaryOngoing 5 Necrotic Poison reduced by 3 by Protecting Roots - Willow takes 2 damage
12+2 / 41 Almost qualifies at Bloodied
Longtooth Shifting - +2 Damage while bloodied, Regen 2 till end of encounter
Shifts -> J23 behind Drover02
Hits twice doing 14 points of damage to the Drover + another 16 points granted by the Spirit Companion = 30 damage
Shakes off the Necrotic Poison Ongoing damage
Howls in delight

Mood Music: "Dead Reckoning" by Clint Mansell


As the unfleshed begin to move in for the kill, you all begin to fight with even more ferocity than the soulless abominations you face and by the time the unfleshed attack back, the mad caster has been reduced to a burning hulk and Kadal has crushed the skull of a spiner, spilling neon blue ichor all over the fresh snow. Other unfleshed have been severely wounded by Thorn, Samm, and Willow, their thick blood almost erupting from their failing bodies in thick, syrupy gouts.

As Samm and the feral shifter turn to the drover locked between them, the world around both of you seems to slow down, everything coming into tight focus. Samm, as you struggle to keep the lasher within the net, the drover pushes past your trident and shoves you, sending your sprawling in the wet snow and, before you can react, it spins suddenly on the shifter as she is just about to pounce. You watch as the creature spins around and buries its three claws in the huntress’ chest, a sight that causes Thorn to gasp and Corvana to scream as the blades pierce out her back.

Willow, as you choke on blood, the fluid filling your left lung, the creature pulls you forward so your face is almost touching its brass mask. You stare into its lidless, unblinking eyes and, for a moment, you understand. You understand the fear this creature felt when it was first killed by whomever has done this to it, the terror as its life was taken from it, violently, by force. You understand the pain it felt when it was brought back from death, the agony it feels every moment of every day as the blue, animating ichor courses through its veins. You understand the hatred it feels for everything and everyone because of what was done to it.

The creature then pushes you backward and disappears from you sight as a spiner in the distance launches another volley, one of the larger spines catching you in the side of the neck, forcing your body to gently fall backward into the cool, soft snow. Then, all you understand is sleep.

As you fight the sensations your body instinctively feels Samm, crawling to your feet, you notice something about Willow: where her body should be still, her chest is rising and falling, her fingers twitching occasionally as though in a dream. Somehow, something in the poison the unfleshed used has stabilized her and the words the mechanical voice in the woods spoke make more sense.

Ashara grimaces as she is struck, and grits her teeth as she feels the poison slide through her veins. She loses focus momentarily but Kadal's words bring her back to the fight. Using the big mungo as both a shield and a distraction, Ashara lashes out at the roughed up drover beside her, hoping that by attacking the weaker of the two next to her she might be able to put him down for good.

Her sword lashes out sinking into the drovers belly, ripping a deep slash.


As Ashara pulls her sword back, it jaggedly tears open the creature’s breastplate, cutting open its abdomen and spilling its innards, blueish-red and atrophied, all over the snow, steam rising from the pile of gore as the creature collapses in a heap.

The nearby spiner backflips away, doing a 3-point landing and unleashing a salvo of spines that puncture deep all along Kadal’s back and shoulders. The mungo has little time to register the pain though as he fends off both lasher’s whipping, snapping coils, one slashing a deep cut across his upper thigh. The warden begins to look tired and bloody as the group of creatures continues to wear him down.

The drover near Thorn struggles to reach him, its seized muscles slowly starting to twitch and respond. After several seconds of frustrated struggle, its body finally responds and it lunges toward the chaos mage, a second later collapsing dead as a bolt of purple lighting blows a bloody, fist-sized hold through it its chest. Corvana half-smiles at Thorn and Travok. “Now he can’t distract you guys while you help Samm and the shifter,” she says quickly, turning back toward Ashara and Kadal.

Meanwhile, Samm watches with perhaps a hint of amusement as the nearest spiner hisses vicously at Travok’s watery companion before it, dashing back and releasing a volley of spines that pass harmlessly through the spirit.

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