02 - Necessary Evil

Seeing the opportunity that the creatures are providing by grouping up, he moves in range and silently commands the spirit to close in to the bunch. Once they've made their move, Travok lashes out with whiplike extension of energy that looks like a thick vine of brambles, with cruel glowing thorns. The whip wraps around the creature and then tears horribly as the shaman gives a mighty pull. The creature falls and stops moving. The spirit lashes out with similar looking tentacles and holds, instead of tearing them away, keeping all enemies around it from moving.

As the creature falls, Travok sees Samm quickly leap into action, sliding in closer to the one of the enemies. Travok nods, and sends healing energy into the battered young shifter. Whatever work the evil creatures have done starts to reverse itself as she spirit energy pours over her body. A splash of healing leaps from the spirit to Samm, closing some wounds and giving him some additional energy to shrug off new attacks.

Travok shudders at the burst of energy, feeling the poison in his blood surge, not reduced.

Samm's face was a mask of pure horror as he saw the shifter lying there on the ground, he couldn't have failed surely. Through a haze of anger and recriminations, he noticed that her chest was still moving however. A sudden surge of hope seized him - she wasn't dead yet!

As the shaman's thorns tore through the Lasher beside him, he leapt forward with renewed zeal, promising the creature before him retribution. He felt the familiar surge of energy from the spirit beside him, closing some of his larger wounds, and a glance behind him saw the shifter rise to her feet as well. A great weight lifted from his shoulders, she was bleeding heavily, but the girl was back on her feet!

He lashed out with his net to the front, but the Spiner had been watching his previous moves, and sidestepped the blow easily. Samm narrowed his eyes at the creature, watching its movements more closely as he drew one of the golden apples Alessio had given them. Alessio had said emergencies only, but this seemed like an emergency to Samm.

As he bit into the glowing fruit he felt his body surge with health, his blood clear and slot his wounds. No longer slowed by his wounds he flexed his arms, feeling the advantage of swift movement granted by the chainmail once more.

SummarySamm moves to H22, marks Spiner04, regains 10HP from potion meaning he is no longer bloodied and has no AC penalty, saves vs. ongoing

All she can see is the pain in those blue glowing eyes, she cannot imagine at what they have seen or felt, so much PAIN ...


Willow feels the familiar touch of Travok ... but ??? watery ???

It is enough to bring a growl from the huntress, though it is less feral, more her?? Standing up, she is still weakened again, she lifts her head to see Samm swinging his net at the Spiner ... let me help you relieve yourself of that pain, she thinks, feeling sorry for the abominations being forced to attack them let me help end the pain she is thinking as she stands, marking the Spiner with own
Hunter's Quarry
At-Will (Ranger)
Minor Action
Effect: You can designate the nearest enemy to you that you can see as your quarry. Once per round, when you hit your quarry with an attack, the attack deals extra damage based on your level. If you can make multiple attacks in a round, you decide which attack to apply the extra damage to after all the attacks are rolled. If you have dealt Hunter's Quarry damage since the start of your turn, you cannot deal it again until the start of your next turn.

The hunter's quarry effect remains active until the end of the encounter, until the quarry is defeated, or until you designate a different target as your quarry. You can designate one enemy as your quarry at a time.
Hunter's Quarry Extra Damage, 1st-10th - +1d6
mark, to aid in slashing her blades deeper, striker harder, "SAMM, THEY WANT TO DIE, THEY WANT TO BE PUT OUT OF THEIR MISERY, THEY'RE BEING MADE TO ATTACK US AND ... AND ..." she can't get the rest out, the tears flooding from her face as she swings
Twin Strike
Fey Strike Kukri +1: +7 vs AC, 1d6+1 damage, Kukri: +6 vs AC, 1d6+0 damage
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
At-Will (Ranger 1) - Martial, Weapon
If the first attack doesn't kill it, the second one might.
Standard Action - Melee or Ranged
Requirements: You must be wielding two melee weapons or a ranged weapon.
Target: One or two creatures
Melee Attack: +7 / +6 vs. Armor Class (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1, + Fey Weapon +1) / (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1) (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon)
Ranged Attack: +5 vs. Armor Class (Dex +2, + Prof. +2, 1/2 Level +1) (ranged:, two attacks)
Hit: 1[W] damage per attack.
Melee Damage: 1[W] 1d6+1 / 1d6 per hit
Ranged Damage: 1[W] 1d10 per hit
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
twice at the Spiner in front of her the tears throwing off her first attack, but not her second as her offhand Kukri comes back around catching the unsuspecting Spiner ... or did it step into it ???

Willow recieves a healing surge from Travok via his Spirit Companion 10 / 41
Willow stands up, understanding and feeling sorry for these abominations -- and driven to put them out of their misery
Eats one of Alessio's Healing Apples and looks around to get her bearings ... 20 / 41

Seeing Corvana's attack on the Drover starting to move, Thorn grins saying " I'll give lover boy and the shifter a hand for ya." chuckling a bit as he realizes how much fun he can have stirring the pot between Samm and Corvana. Focusing inwards Thorn summons a bolt of psychic energy that flies towards Spiner 4, splintering before reaching him, the smaller portion hitting the first spiner, and careens off past the Spiner 4. Before Moving to stand beside Corvana, saying to her " How about you and I show everyone what one can do with proper applications of the very elements that make up this world? " grinning darkly, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Attack Chaos Bolt 1 - Swing and a miss
Secondary Attack - Hits Spiner 1 for 9 Damage
Move: I 31
Chaos Burst - +1 AC until End of Turn
Wild Soul = +5 resist to psychic until next extended rest // ignore 5 resist on enemies to psychic damage
Unused Powers - At Wills
Used Powers - Everything Else lol

Kadal reels against the blows and takes a moment to focus


In a much needed shift of fortunes, Samm uses one of Alessio’s healing apples as Travok magically closes the wounds of the shifter and Kadal catches his breath and the following surge kills one of the lashers and badly wounds a spiner. As Thorn makes his comment to Corvana, she blushes slightly but does not look at him, focusing on the battle still raging.

The drover, seeing Travok mostly isolated, charges through the snow toward him, driving its lengthy claws deep into the dwarf’s abdomen, punching through his armor and hissing behind its brass mask. The lasher before willow snaps its coils at her, leaving another lengthy slash down her arm just as the spiner beside it thrusts its arms upward, a fusillade of spines bursting forth, one tearing a deep gouge along Samm’s cheek, another burying itself deeply into the shoulder of the lasher that just attack Willow.

Ashara starts to feel irritated that this fight is dragging on, and that her friends are getting hurt. She tries to ignore the poison in her veins, trying to shake it off. Again using Kadal as a shield, she grips her short sword tight and suddenly whips her left fist out to catch the lasher beside Kadal, not to do damage but maybe to distract him. As her left fist shoots out, she aims a slash at the lasher belly with his sword.

Almost to her own surprise, her fist connects. The lashers head snaps back, and she feels her sword bite into his belly, ripping a long slash. In a strange way, it seems the punch affects the creature more than the sword wound.

SummaryAshara hits Lasher 02 for 9 damage and target is dazed until and of her next turn.
Fails her saving throw


Ashara’s blade leaves the lasher reeling and as its whips its steel cords at Kadal, the mungo is able to easily deflect the blow with his trident. He doesn’t hear the spiner behind him as it throws out a wave of spines catching the giant and the rogue in a hail of tiny, poisoned barbs. The surprise causes him to turn and the lasher in front catches his unprotected forward, leaving a deep slash in his upper, left arm.

In the North, the spiner nearest Samm manages to leap backwards into the snow, his quick trident jab narrowly missing it as it kips back to its feet and throws a large spine that buries itself deep in his chest, narrowly missing piercing his heart.

Seeing the drover charge into Travok, Thorn reacts outta pure instinct, shouting out a challenge to the drover " Come on now buddy, I took out your little caster leader, I bet you couldn't even hit me if you tried! " , disappearing and reappearing beside where he was before, before a crack of thunder is heard and a blinding flash appears around the Drover, leaving him as a smoldering wreck (I think its dead at least lol).

Shifts to I32
Attack StormWalk - 15
Chaos Burst - +1 AC
Wild Soul = +5 resist to psychic until next extended rest // ignore 5 resist on enemies to psychic damage
Arcane Reserves: +2 to Damage
Unused Powers - At Wills
Used Powers - Everything Else

Willow snarls, feeling the essence of the wolf once again filling her with
Regen +2 from Longtooth Shifting now she is concious again, +2 HP, no longer bloodied, 22 / 41
power. She growls at the Spiner near Samm
Hunter's Quarry on Spiner01 @ G23
marking it before she moves towards it, the huntress again seeking her prey.

She lashes out with both of her Kukri's at the fleshless
Two-Fanged Strike
Fey Strike Kukri +1: +7 vs AC, 1d6+4 damage, Kukri: +6 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
Encounter (Ranger 1) - Martial, Weapon
You sink two arrows or both of your blades into the flesh of your enemy, causing it to howl in pain.
Standard Action - Melee or Ranged
Requirements: You must be wielding two melee weapons or a ranged weapon.
Target: One creature
Melee Attack: +7 / +6 vs. Armor Class (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1, + Fey Weapon +1) / (Str +3, + Prof. + 2, + 1/2 Level + 1) (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon)
Ranged Attack: +5 vs. Armor Class (Dex +2, + Prof. +2, 1/2 Level +1) (ranged:, two attacks)
Hit: 1[W] damage Str (melee) or 1[W] damage (ranged) per attack. If both attacks hit, you deal extra damage equal to your Wisdom modifier (+2)
Melee Damage: 1[W] 1d6+4 / 1d6+3 (Fey Blade +1 (main only), Str +3) per attack, if both hit, 2 x d6+8
Ranged Damage: 1[W] 1d10+2 (Dex +2) per attack, if both hit, 2 x d10+6
+1d6 to damage per round - Hunter's Quarry
one, missing with her Fey kukri but once again catching a fleshless one with her off hand, her hunter's mark guiding the weapon to do more damage.

Longtooth Shifting, +2 Regen -- no longer bloodied, 22 / 41
Hunter's Quarry on Spiner01 (G23)
Move to H23
Two Fang Strike (Encounter Power Used) 5 + 2 damage = 7hp

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