Non Sequitur

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A Slime has Appeared!

Magius - Level 1 Commoner

You used Bow Technique - Double Arrow! Blue Slime takes 2 damage!

Blue Slime uses Pseudopod. You take 2 damage.

What do you do?

TanaNari - Level 1 Commoner

You use Magic! Blue Slime takes 1 damage.

Blue Slime uses Pseudopod! You take 2 damage!

What do you do?

Lightning bolt! Slimes gotta have some kind of elemental weakness, time to cycle.

Pray for divine guidance.

Is it possible for me to name my character Johnny Diamond. If so Johnny Diamond pulls out his twin ivory colt peacemakers, yes he uses revolvers, and fires into the slime attacking it.

If I don't have guns, then Johnny Diamond is delusional and thinks he has guns which he will fire. If guns are not acceptable then he is pointing his fingers and making bang bang noises.


I attack with a Warhammer

I cast Fire!


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