A New Day

Danny nods at Bart's intel and then again at Amy's idea.

That is a good idea Amy, but we should save it for when we don't have the option of creating a human diversion. And it might be a while before they start making fireworks again. I'll go out that window and put some distance between me and them once you are ready

Amy looking at both Danny and Bart first, before turning her eyes to the children, the injured doctor, and then back to the soldiers. "I. . .I guess so," she responds hesitantly.

Turning to the kids, she crouches down so she's closer to their eye level, her gaze going from one to the other, she braces them for what is about to happen. "Okay, listen to me," she begins trying to be as calm and soothing as possible, "We're going to try and distract them so we can make a run to the cars out back. We need to stay as low and quiet as possible. Do you understand?"

Danny moves toward the wkndow, checking the outside for walkers and preparing to exit.

Amy gets her stuff and gathers the kids, taking them to the back door and standing by.

Garcia shoulders his pack and moves to the couch to help the doctor.

Ok I am going out. Save me a seat, and I will meet up with you in that field we mentioned.

He moved the window up and went out, hoping to come around behind the zombies without getting too close and then start shouting to get their attention.

As Danny opens the window and kicks out the screen, something agitates the walker at the door and it begins to slam against the door, startling everyone. The doctor, Garcia almost to him, jumps from the couch into the sergeant's arms hobbling with him to the back.

Realizing that the only way to stop the walkers from busting in on the rest of the group is to exit now and begin distracting them, Danny shoulders the M4 and takes the shotgun in his hand and slips through the window. He circles around toward the wellhouse and can see the six walkers in the front yard and he starts hollering. It only takes a few moments until the dead become aware of
Lt Snackcake

Amy moves the children to the back door and when she hears Danny's yell, she opens the door and moves along the side of the house to the rear of the jeep. Two walkers spot her and the children and start her way when Garcia and the doctor followed by Bart make their way out. "Damn, damn, damn," Garcia says and props the doctor up against the tailgate of the truck before bringing up his M4. Bart comes out behind him and.....
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"Tango's, 2 o'clock! If we can get in the vics and go without engaging lets do it!" Bart calls out as he takes aim while moving to the truck ready to fire if the need arises.

As Amy burst through the rear door of the house, she found herself momentarily frozen in place as her eyes made contact with the two walkers. And she might have stayed that way had one of the children not pulled her hand as reminder to keep going. Which kid it was, she couldn't say, for in the moment she forgot which one was was holding on to, nor did she make an effort to look once she was jarred back into reality.

"Go, go, go, go," she hissed as she pushed her way to the back of the jeep, desperately trying to lower the tailgate as fast as possible.

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Danny continues to try to draw them out away from the house, wondering what sort of priority ranking the Zeds give targets. He watches to see if he can gain a little insight into their detection skills and 'decision tree'. Despite being seemingly mindless they are still obviously processing incoming stimuli.

He shook his head a little - he had a tendency to brain babble in firefights.

Danny makes sure that they have their sights on him and he makes for the other side of the road. The shamblers take the bait and start to follow. The morning is too warm and the humidity runs out from under Danny's patrol cap. The promise of more heat later in the day is ripe. Looking up the
road, Danny can see several more walkers around the next house and in the woods moving around.

The two walkers near the truck are maybe too close to ignore, but Garcia, adrenaline surging in his blood, shoves the doctor up over the tailgate into the bed and runs to the drivers door fumbling with the keys.

Amy hurries the children, or is it the other way around, and they cram into the jeep quickly.

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