A New Day

With people fling into the vehicles Bart decides to refrain from firing and heads for the ATV and fires it up. He starts to swing wide around the zombies and heads for Danny.

Danny sees no reason to continue making noise, they see him. Now let's see how well they stay on target.

He moves out to the road, keeping an eye out for any others, but since he has a fairly good field of vision he thinks he could avoid them if necessary.

Once the kids were loaded into the confines of the jeep, she throws open the driver's door and climbs in as fast as she can. Quickly slamming the door behind her she fishes the keys out of her pocket. Rushing to put them into the ignition, the keys slip out of her hand and fall to the floor below. With a quick curse, she dives down and scoops them back up.

Once the keys find their way to the ignition, she gives the key a turn, hoping that the car fired up on the first try.

In the truck, Garcia pulls out and starts to circle around the house to the front.

Bart jumps on the ATV and gets it started quickly. Turning the bars around to the left, he throws up gravel into the pickup as he accelerates around the house to where Danny is now running down the road.

After dropping the keys, Amy dives down to get them but they aren't where she first thought and she has to turn to look for them. Just as she spots a glint next to her door, Millie says, "Amyamyamyamyamyamy!" Amy looks up and the second walker is closing on the jeep as she jams the key into the ignition. The dead slams his arm down, shuddering the vehicle and Millie and Jay start screaming. The key turns and after a few stutters, it turns over humming steadily. Amy slams it into gear and stomps the accelerator, spinning the wheels until they grab, and follows Garcia around. Then she sees the other walker from the back of the house that has latched onto the tailgate of the truck and attempting to climb in where the doctor is wailing on the back window to alert Garcia.

Danny starts running. First he just wants to stay ahead like a good decoy, but it is obvious that the dead have another idea. Glancing back to guage the distance, he is surprised to see them closer than he thought. He picks up speed, running on the side of the road in a parody of the jogging he used to do.
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Her heart slamming against her ribcage, Amy begins to panic slightly at the sight of the walker climbing into the back of the truck. Yelling out to Garcia, she quickly realizes her attempts are in vain as the man cannot hear all the way in the other vehicle. Turning to the next best option, she gives repeated short blasts of the horn hoping to attract the man's attention, hoping the solider would know what to do. All the while, in the back her head the crazy thought of Pin him! Pin him! ran through her mind.

Bart takes the ATV across the road and into the field to the right of it giving Danny a chance to cut across and hop on which would lead the walkers into the field and open the road up for the other vehicles, he just hoped Danny notices and thinks the same thing.

Danny will intersect his direction with Bart and get on when they meet.

When Garcia doesn't respond quickly enough, Amy takes matters into her own hands and stomps the accelerator of the Jeep just a little too hard. The Jeep hits the truck as Garcia is making the turn onto the road and the walker is thrown down in front of the Jeep. Amy rolls over him as she attempts to control the now careening vehicle. The Jeep ends up in the ditch across the road. Garcia turns the wheel first one way and then another as he slams the brakes and comes to a stop short of the trees north of the house.

Bart takes the ATV along the other side of the ditch that Amy now rests in and accelerates past the walkers intent on the lieutenant. The trailer causes him to go slowly but still quicker than the dead and they watch as he passes now intent on him.

Danny turns at the sound of the Jeep hitting the truck and sees Bart approaching. He climbs on when the ATV pulls along side.
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Once the Jeep stopped, Amy let loose a short expletive. Checking back she sees Jay's banged up condition and begins to mentally berate herself. "Well get that looked at as soon as we're safe honey, okay?" she calls over her shoulder, not really giving the boy a chance to respond before looking at her situation, trying to find the quickest and easiest way back onto the road.

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