OOC Discussion

Alright, I've settled on Ikoma Asano. I'm excited. I'll finish the math up and send it over Yoshirou.

By my figuring a Kakita duelist would have to be around 52 years old. I rather think Hoturi was successful in eliminating the Crane. Remember all initial characters should be of the rising generation that were children when Rokugan was abandoned or born in the Ivory Kingdoms.

I am tinkering with an Isawa Shugenja atm, earth type. Will either roll with that or a Matsu beat stick!


Making a character now ^^ will have everything ready to send before I go away hopefully.

I couldn't be happier to be able to use a certain school again. Yay!

Yeah not buying Nezumi name magic, especially for a human raised in the Ivory Kingdoms though I do like the actor idea and Scorpion personalities do get Social Disadvantage at +1xp since the clan is still "disbanded" will add that and more house rules tonight. Also Unicorn and Crane get +1 xp bonus for Dark Secret: Kolat.

I'm looking at possibly dropping my idea of an actual Lion "scout" and having my character be a high honor type with strong leadership capabilities.

I will be dropping info on Clan Champions this evening along with some updated rules mentioned earlier.


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