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ill have my character done tomorrow evening, first week of new quarter at school, so been kinda busy heh.

Sucks being an old dude back in school.

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No reason we can't have two!
True enough, I'll give it some thought as I finally have a day or two off.

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Sucks being an old dude back in school.

I relate in the middle if a 14 credit hour semester while working full time and have a toddler and infant at home and I still manage to dig up time for my awesome wife. Of course I am getting little sleep good thing I can do some pbp stuff at work to keep me sane-ish.

I still got more work to do before we get rolling next Friday so expect more background stuff and feedback on submitted character sheets.

Also I am open to homebrew mechanics for characters such as advantages/disadvantages. I will have to approve it ahead of time and I may not accept some ideas. So say you got an awesome idea for a Kitsu Shugenja, but do not like the deficiency for the element his school requires so you propose:

Elemental Harmony- Spiritual advantage remove a spellcasting deficiency for 6pts and may not take the Elemental Imbalance disadvantage.

That is something I would be inclined to approve so long as your character is a balanced person.

Sent you an pm of the three characters I have in mind. Haven't done any sheets or serious writing yet but we'll see how inspiration strikes me.

Just getting some input from Yoshirou myself and then settling down to write the full background.

My RL situation got a bit crazy this weekend, so sorry for those waiting for input/updates. They will roll out as the week goes on or may delay starting up one week which actually would be kind of convenient since apparently I may have to work next weekend. I will do my best to get everything lined up on schedule, but just bare with me if it slips a week. I would rather a late start than one that is not as good as I would like it to be.


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