OOC Discussion

Did anyone get accepted to AEG Winter Court?

I'll be playing a Phoenix homebrew character!

Yea, I got accepted as a Cannon Crane. Don't know who yet though!

Very cool I had fun in WC2 so hopefully this go around is just as good if not better!

Guess I should have been more specific with my last timing post Oct 12th will be the start date. Things got a little out of hand, apparently my online English professor does not know how to utilize the online interface very well and is still expecting the same due dates while I am working 12 hour days this week. Outlook for next week... shiny

I'll just get to writing the background tomorrow then and shunt it your way. I don't have many advantages to justify anyway thankfully.

Hey Yoshirou not to bug yea or anything but we have an update on starting or anything?


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