Concerns & Questions

I'd assume that the domestication of whales would be nearly impossible, so you'd have to have a way of following the whales' travels. And then the getting of the milk seems nearly impossible too. In other words, it seems like it would be too much hassle for a society to get with any regularity and without great cost.

I'd say that sounds about right. A rare delicacy that the Pasha might have access to had he run into the right people at the right harbor during the right time of year with the right indulgences to trade for.

I think someone's reaction to Whale Cheese on this world would be something like, "WHALE cheese? How is that even possible? That...that's just ridiculous," and then after a pause, "Is it any good?"

This all came about because I was having Mac & Cheese for lunch, and I got to thinking that Mehr couldn't have Mac & Cheese.


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