Chapter 2 OOC Chat

Chapter 2 OOC Chat

Here's the thread for Chapter 2!

I also want to note that I found the MW site blocked at work today. This happens once in a while; the firewall we have in the building occasionally runs it's "fun protocol" and blocks all the good websites. What this means is that we might slow down a touch until the site gets un-blocked--which also happens once in a while. Not slow, mind you--not like once every few days--but I just won't be able to push things along while I'm at work.

Which is probably a good thing, because I'll be forced to, you know, do my job.

Which is probably a good thing, because I'll be forced to, you know, do my job.
Does it mean I will be forced to do mine too?

I won't tell if you don't. I still have access to my books at work.

I've just done some updating on the Cast of Characters thread, with information on Milaea and the Silver Lash, Coppernight, and the Platinum Talon.

It's blocked at my work too, which is a pain. I read from my phone on my commute, in the bathroom or at lunch and email posts from my work account to my private email address to copy onto the site. It does take extra time, had to stop dm'ing a game I was running because it was too difficult thqt way round.

Blocked for reason: proxy avoidance. Seems my it department are still one step ahead. It bugs me that this site is blocked when almost every sports website you can think of is available. Not that I'd want to mention it to anyone, there's more chances that they'll crack down on the sports sites that I do read rather than opening this place up.

Ask your IT guys if they've heard of MW.

You may be surprised by the answer.

Nice, I'll try that out. What I find odd with my firewall is that it comes and goes, with no rhyme or reason at all. The Chive is blocked one day because it's considered "pornographic," then is blocked because of "adult humour;" then the next week, both are operating and MW is blocked. Sometimes I think they've got some code that automatically blocks a site if it's visited X number of times, and if you don't visit it in a while, the block is lifted. Which I'm not even sure is possible, and would be a dumb way to run a firewall, but it honestly seems to be working that way. So random. /rant.

@pi9keamus: Is that religion roll for the dream as a whole, or specifically for the meaning behind the eye?

Much as is like to make separate (hopefully higher) rolls after rolling poorly, let's say the dream as a whole. It would seem silly to roll multiple times for one dream.


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