Chapter 2 OOC Chat

And speaking of new encounters, would I be correct in guessing that the Dragonborn at least are clearly wearing the livery of the Platinum Talons?

Also, surprise rounds = 1 action, yes? So I could have Rhogar charge the nearest enemy and that would count as his one action.


Also, nobody freak about the "5 rounds 'til it's dusk" thing. Rhogar's got this.

Yes, you could charge Dragonborn 2 and that would be a single (standard) action.
Me I'd like to shoot Dragonborn 1 and hopefully inflict it -4 to attack until the end of Tora's next turn... but I would only do that if I know the Dragonborns get to act before she does (ie. they win initiative). Otherwise the condition is just wasted.
Which brings me to: technically Initiative is rolled before the surprise round (and in tabletop games, PCs of course follow that initiative order).

EDIT: finally, I think my Sidhe House Guard shouldn't be there, because it takes a minor action to summon. Arguably I could have summoned it out of combat, and that's perhaps the idea you went with Tobias, but as it's a daily power, I'll play it safe and keep it in the back pocket, if you don't mind

Did we settle on whether Hunter's Quarry damage applies again on out of turn attacks even if it already did during Nariel's turn, la Warlock's Curse new version?
I'm asking in order to find the best way to use
You offer a bargain to one of your allies: a little more speed now in exchange for some of the ally's extra effort later.

Encounter Arcane
Standard Action Ranged 10

Target: One ally

Effect: The target can lose an action point to immediately take a standard action as a free action. If the target does so, you gain an action point.
Sidhe Bargain

Also, Pikeamus, I don't know if I answered clearly or not, but I am a willing target for Cast Fortune, both mechanically as a striker, and thematically as a grandmother versed in the occult

Glad we're all rarin' to go!

I didn't put the monster's names on the spreadsheet because you wouldn't know who's who yet, having just snuck up on them and opened the door. Or that was my intent; it seems a bit mot now that I've put up the map, doesn't it? Also, if you caught them by surprise, why wouldn't you see who's there? I'll change it right away.

As for whether they're members of the Talon or not...I could ask for a perception check (and technically should), but it's pretty much a foregone conclusion now that Nariel figured out the Animal Messenger-which presumably went to these guys, or brought them here.

You're right about initiative, I'll add that too. Sorry, I was putting the finishing touches on that post while watching the last match of Extreme Rules. You're lucky I didn't put up a horde of Brocks.

Finally, Boar's right, you can charge if you like! As for the House Guard, I left it up because she was there with you in the prison when she brought the rod, but if you'd like to play that she went away, that works for me.

No problem Tobias!

For the Sidhe, it depends: if she came on her own (without me using the Daily power) it's fine and she can stay, if it counts as a Daily uses, I'll save it for later use Your call!

Duty calls, and the guard returned to the Feywild.

No freebies on Daily powers.

Woohoo, my first-ever crit with a high-crit weapon!

C'mon, Nariel, or Kessler, or Baern, finish the job!

That's in fact 28 damage because on a crit, the original damage dice is maxed out: 12 in this case.

But... hrm... no, Nariel, Kessler, Baern, don't finish the job or I put it at -4 to hit for nothing
By the way, weregeek, you should have charged Dragonborn 2 instead, as I subtly implied in another post He was also nearest to you, if that counts.


EDIT: cr*p, he's dead. Oh well.

First, congrats on the crit!

Second, your damage is wrong.

A critical hit in 4E first does maximum damage for the attack. For Rhogar using a 1[W] power, that's 17. Then you roll the +1[W] from the fullblade's High Crit property. There's +10 (great roll, by the way). Then you roll the extra damage from the weapon's enhancement. +1 more, for a total of ...



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