The Arena of Ideas (In-Game OOC)

I'll do equipment once I get back from work!

Though to be fair, I think I could sum up my equipment as "clothes, food, backpack, rope for romantic liaisons, something to write in, chain, something to write with, spending money."

That's fine.

There are a few more things I need to square away with your characters, mechanically speaking, but nothing that will keep us from getting started, as you'll be in town for a bit anyway.

I'm going to try to get the first game thread up shortly.

I would ask that you all make a gracious exit from whichever pregame threads you were involved in. If you were in the middle of some interaction with characters who aren't part of your group, or with NPCs, don't worry if your exit is a bit clunky. They'll get over it. If you are currently interacting with each other, you'll be able to continue your conversations walking as you make your way to Cathedral Square for the official dedication of the new temple.

I'll let you all know when the game thread goes up.

As promised: Part 1: Consecration.

Finish up in your pregame thread and then post in Part 1, as you gather in the square. No need to all be together.

Once everyone has posted in the game thread, we will proceed

I'm headed out the door right now but I plan on posting tonight before I go to sleep! So excited!

Huge as in made for creature size?

I'm not sure they'd have anything like that in town. You could probably have them made, but not same day.

I see.

EDIT: Actually, I just took a look at the craft rules. A quiver with 20 arrows costs 1 GP (10 SP). Making bigger arrows costs twice the price per size category (so 40 SP if going by standard math or 30 SP going by D&D math). We want only three, however, so the cost is reduced to 3/20ths (6 SP for standard math or 4,5 for D&D math). Assuming a regular craftsman can easily make the DC 12 check, with progress per day, we have 12 x 12 = 144 (potentially more, assuming he beats the check result by more). 144/7 = 20,5; which is roughly 3.3 times 6 or 4,5 times 4,5. So at an absolute minimum, a craftsman takes... 8 hours to produce three Huge arrows? Well, assuming the minimum result anyway.

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