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Ok all, I had a long night. Got home in time to do some character stuff that I needed to finish, but I'm heading to bed. I will get an update in the game thread tomorrow around lunch time.

Just remembered we had our own thread for this:

when you say take a second action, do you mean right in a row? As in, if I post and win initiative, I can just post again?

@KingGoblin: I need an initiative roll from you, which couldd potentially get you another round of actions now {see instructions in the Behind the Curtain spoiler of my last game post).

You can roll that here if you want.

To answer your question:
Fquote=KingGoblin]Ok, one thing I am wondering about. As a halfling, his movement is 20. If he makes a full move, he can move four times his base. But the entry on movement in the SRD says that people generally hustle in combat; does he go 20 or 40 feet on a move action?[/quote]As a small creature with a move speed of 20, you can move 20 feet as a move action, or 40 feet by taking a second move action in place of your standard action (a "double move").

You can also use a full round action (replacing both you move and standard actions) to take a special action called Run, which allows you to move four times your speed in one round (in your case, 80 feet), but comes with some restrictions, as shown here:
Originally Posted by PFSRD->Actions in Combat->Full Round Actions->Run

You can run as a full-round action. If you do,you do not also get a 5-foot step. When you run,you can move up to four times your speed in a straight line (or three times your speed if you're in heavy armor). You lose any Dexterity bonus to AC unless you have the Run feat.

You can run for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution score, but after that you must make a DC 10 Constitution check to continue running. You must check again each round in which you continue to run,and the DC of this check increases by 1 for each check you have made. When you fail this check,you must stop running. A character who has run to his limit must rest for 1 minute (10 rounds) before running again. During a rest period,a character can move no faster than a normal move action.

You can't run across difficult terrain or if you can't see where you're going.

A run represents a speed of about 13 miles per hour for an unencumbered human.
Also note that you won't be able to tumble to avoid attacks of opportunity whileRunning.

Later, when Gozzik is mounted during combat, you'll replace his movement speed with that of his mount, but it will still cost you your move action to move your mount.

Make sense?

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