Scene Three: Rock Pit

Scene Three: Rock Pit

The Star Wolf drops into a low orbit over the planet CDC13669, affectionately called 'Rock Pit' by the colonists, coming in at an oblique angle to avoid any potential ground-based sensors at the colony. After confirming the colony location, and waiting a suitable amount of time to be certain that they are undetected (that is, no one tries to contact the ship), the pilot takes her down into the atmosphere.

The ship lands on the planet in a fiery blast of from the atomic engines. Captain Chalmers and Thiss'vik selected a site well over the horizon from the only colony facilities, a mining installation with a small agriculture and support town.

Once the ship is down, Drogo heads to the cargo deck and starts prepping the explorer for off-loading, making sure it is in prime condition, and that the professor's equipment is properly stowed.

When the outer access door is opened, the biting cold reminds you that this world is classified as Cold Desert, the temperature here near the equator hovers around the freezing point of water. The air is crisp and clean, however, with an invigorating cleanness that attests to the recent colonization.

The professor, stepping out to watch as Drogo unloads the explorer, seems satisfied, with hands crossed before him, his thermal suit and jacket snug about him.

OOCThe ship is well out of physical sight range of any colony buildings. It is also out of LOS type sensors.

The trip was fairly long and... as space flights go fairly boring... Ice helped out, when allowed, monitoring the flight and logging a few more hours of space flight time into his flight journal and getting them signed off. He of course eventually stopped by and talked to the doc about his minor laser burn as well as got his suit fixed. Then with not much else to do but relax, exercise, and get a game or two in with someone -- Ice just hung out.

Arrival was cool, and literally so, the clean crisp cool air was refreshing but biting as well. He made sure he had all his gear ready to go and checked with Drogo about any handling anomalies he might have noticed with the vehicle. Most vehicles had a few minor ones, little glitches not worth fixing but that if known about can help one if precision driving is necessary. Once the loading doors have been opened and Drogo gives him the thu... all ready to go sign. Ice will back the vehicle out of the bay and onto the planet proper.

Alexis spent her first two days aboard the Space Wolf in her bunk. She wanted her wounds to have a good chance of healing up quick. The remaining days of their trip was spent by Alexis talking with the Professor and being on the bridge of the Space Wolf. She tried helping the Wolf's crew in any way she could.

Once on the planet, Alexis suited up in her thermal gear and strapped her gyrojet to her hip in its holster. She placed the spare clips in her coat pocket. She stowed her gear aboard the explorer and helped get the vehicle off-loaded.

When the team is ready, Alexis boards the explorer and takes a rear seat of the compartment.

Cid awakes on the final day of travel and finds himself itching to go and start this adventure, hopefully to find some cool new items. He dons his gear and makes sure to have his medkit and SEU's with him. "Alright, I'm not sure how long we're expecting to be away from the ship, but make sure you have your survival equipment like the tent around in case something should happen. It is going to get quite cold out there!"

Cid checks some of the gear and makes sure to bring one of the survival kit/tent himself, not wanting to get caught off guard in the freezing cold. Once out in the actual atmosphere, he takes a deep breath of the cold air. "So where exactly are we headed from here?" he asks as he starts to climb into the explorer after it has left the ship.

"I'm gld you asked, Doctor," the professor answers. "My informant is one of the farmers in a support community near the mining installation. We need to find him and either have him show us the way, or give us the accurate information, to the ruins." He retrieves his tablet and starts flipping through files until he finds what he is seeking. "His name is Ithai Mazhar, human I believe. He is a scout or hunter of some sort."

OOCIce can drive the explorer. Drogo can go with you if you guys think you'll need a Technician.

Cody kits up and joins the other team members, his weaponry and other equipment checked out he is keen to move.

Setting out in the explorer, the Professor further explains. "Unfortunately, I haven't met this Mazhar. We shall have to inquire about and see if we can locate him," he says quite casually. The explorer handles well for its size, though the suspension is fairly stiff. It is only about 15 km to the nearest settlement, you can get there in about 20 minutes.

Ice drives doing his best to make the ride as comfortable as possible, with fairly stiff suspension he tried to avoid the bigger bumps as well as not driving overly fast in certain areas that might cause unfriendly vibrations or jolts at higher speeds.

Cid smirks at the professors mention of a farmer being the informant. "Let me guess, he enjoys a bit of whiskey as well?" Cid starts humming the tune Cause I've got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away and I'll be okay After he finishes, he turns back and look at the professor. "So any thoughts on how to find him, where he hangs out or how to identify him once we get there? Also, do we need to worry about telling people how we got there or are we going to be expected?"

Cid grips tightly onto something secure as they start to drive away on the Explorer, expecting that Ices driving will be a bit more bumpy and fierce than he was used to.

The professor looks to Cid with what a vrusk calls 'perplexed', but to the untrained eye looks like he is staring through you. "I thought I would simply ask the local constabulary for his whereabouts. Though I admit as to not having an explanation for how I arrived, as this is a closed colony..." he says, his voice getting lower as he speaks, almost as if he is lost in a private conversation with himself. There is a definite air of absentmindedness about him...


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