Scene Three: Rock Pit

As everyone gets back into the explorer Ice glances back, "Okay folks where to then?"

"We should move the explorer to a safer area since they might follow our trail back to this location. Any suggestions as a safe area?"

"Well it might not be safer but I would suggest going wherever we need to be gettin' to." Once everyone was in the the explorer was once more closed up. Ice begin maneuver the explorer around so they could head out of where they were in whatever direction they indicated he needed to go.

Dieties' grey skin is taunt with determination he looks away from his injured friend for just a moment "I'll be damned, if I'm gonna let the company get Ithai's find, not now. Lets get goin' to the site"

Ice heard the new guys statement and responded without looking back, "Great and that would be where exactly? Oh and by the way the names Ice."

"Drietes" the dralasite begins with a belated introduction "Ithai knows where it is but..." Drietes eye spots swivel with a look of concern to where his beaten up friend is lying.

The professor shrugs off Cid's comment about his strength. "While I would prefer to preserve as much of the site as possible, I have holographic recording equipment. We can record the entire site and recover any small artefacts if time is of the essence," he says thinking. After a moment, he adds, "much depends on how large the site is. The ziggurat in the image did not appear very large, but there may be subterranean portions."

As CID gets to work trying to keep Ithai stabilized, Ice takes the explorer out and starts heading further away from the town.

Cid nods to the professors mention of the holographic recording equipment, remembering that it was discussed and looked at back on the flight over. "How long do you think it'll take to get there?" Cid paused and smirked at the sound of what he used to say when he and his family went on vacations years ago. "For the rest of you, can you start getting the equipment ready to be moved and set up quickly when we get there. We want to be sure we don't get things in our way in case we immediately come into a fire fight. I'm going to focus on keeping Ithai safe while we transport and move. Is there anything else we need to focus on before we get there?" Cid starts busying himself with taking care of Ithai and making sure he would be comfortable on the transition to the site.

Ithai settles into a deep unconsciousness, though not a coma, once he is strapped in and the explorer settles into a steady rhythm. Though the night is dark, the lights on the explorer help navigate the rough terrain of the badlands; the on-board compass and trip computer also help. The Rockpit night sky is full of stars in the way only a frontier world with minimal habitation can be. Outside of the explorer, the cold, dry air makes for a very clear night.

It is a couple of hours before the compass and range finder indicate that the explorer is close to the destination; arriving there, it turns out to be a winding rift leading into the side of a large plateau. It is wide enough for the explorer, but narrows, ending at an artificial wall of sorts, going across the rift, and made of large rocks made of the local rock. Behind the wall can be seen the top of the ziggurat. In the center of the wall is an opening with a metal portcullis-type gate, closed down. The wall is five meters tall, the ziggurat sticks up an additional 10 or 12 meters.

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