Scene Three: Rock Pit

Ice contemplates the scene for a moment and then glances back and asks, "Well what do you think should we taker in? Or should I park it out here and you all go in on foot. Either way someones gonna have to get out and open that gate."

Cid starts looking out and about as best as he can from within the explorer, now knowing that Ithai is resting safely. "Well, seems to be difficult to determine. I'm not sure if we could turn the Explorer around in there, and I am pretty sure we want a quick escape should we need it, so having the explorer pointing forward, either in there or out here, to leave is probably the best thing possible. The other item to determine is if we can get a good scout location to let us know when and what the company may be bringing to the site."

There was so much unknown, but Cid still remained optimistic. "The good thing, it definitely looks like we beat them here."

Alexis started putting together the professor holographic recording equipment so they could deploy it quickly and get the site investigated.

At the site's location.

"I'll go out and check the gate out. I agree that it is best to have the explorer facing outward for a fast get-away. The rest of you can cover me in case something happens."

Alexis climbs out of the explorer and moves along the sides to the gate. See begins to examine the gate for any boobytraps, alarms, or electrified. When done examining the gate, Alexis puts on her glove and sees if the gate is locked.

Ice listened and then glanced at the place then looked back and replied, "Yeah well I can always turn it around here and backer in so that's not an issue. You just be safe out there Alexis."

Alexis hops down from the explorer into the cold, dry air. The sounds of her steps echo strangely in the culvert ending at the wall and gate. Looking closely, the gate doesn't have a lock so much as it is down and heavy. The material is a metal alloy and feels solid, not oxidized. It is a portcullis type and can be climbed.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 43

Alexis can see through the grate that the courtyard beyond is fairly wide, big enough for the explorer. Also, the ziggurat seems to be free-standing: the open space that is the courtyard goes around the sides. She can't make out the back from her position.

The professor is too excited for words and stats unpacking his recording equipment while still inside the explorer. Drogo extends his head-pod out a window, then pulls it back in, muttering something about a bad feeling.

OOCclimbing requires Dexterity checks. There is no apparent mechanism for raising the gate. You can try to lift it, about five people can try at the same time, combining strength.

Alexis goes back to the explorer.

"The gate is some type of alloy with no oxidation. I have no idea if there is a mechanism above that lifts the gate. One second."

Alexis climbs back down and checks out the front of the explorer. She then climbs back into the explorer.

Cid looks to the professor who is anxiously unpacking, then turns his gaze to Drogo. "I tend to be a man of logic, but I'll tell you my guts have saved me a time or two. Why don't the rest of us go out and help with the gate so we can try to work it - perhaps we can also work it to our advantage and lock it down once we're in."

Cid turns to the others, "Perhaps while the professor and the rest of us try to get the explorer in, we should send someone with the goggles out ahead to high ground to keep an eye out for possible incoming?" Cid wasn't much of a tactical person, just knew the basics about high ground being a two-fold tactical advantage, look out and firefight superiority.

Alexis takes her seat.

"With the rest helping to lift the gate, it should go up but we have to get it higher than the explorer. Willing to give it a shot though."

Ice pondered the situation surely there was a better more efficient way than all of them trying to lift the gate, they had a all terrain vehicle after all. "Hey do we have an rope perhaps we can toss it over the top of something and I can pull the gate up using the Explorer."

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