Scene Three: Rock Pit

Alexis gave up looking for binoculars.

"Good and close, Ice. Guess I will head in and check things out quietly. Let's keep the professor safe and secure for the time being."

As Alexis prepares to exit the explorer, "I'll keep my comm on so you can listen in and come charging in if I get into trouble."

"Well, since you put it that way," the professor says, a note of hesitance in his voice. "Then I suppose I shall wait here patiently." He settles into a vrusk version of a slouched recline, his gaze fixed out the window on the local terrain.

"Alright, well I guess I'll head out with Alexis, best not to do any recon alone either." Cid moved up and started taking his pack filled of normal gear and weapon. Grabbing his spare SEU clip as well and then turning to get one of the environment tents. "Best to be prepared just in case, also a good explanation should we get stumbled upon. So we ready?"

When Alexis was ready to head out, Cid would follow on the recon mission.

Alexis grabs her pack and attaches a sleeping bag.

"Good idea about the tent, Cid. Let's head out then. We will move to the right and then head into the community."

Cid and Alexis, camping gear for cover loaded on, begin the hike into town. The number of greenhouse buildings increases considerably, fairly crowding the available flat land around the town in a 270 degree arc, leaving only the direction towards the mine clear. The town itself consists of multiple pre-fab buildings in three shapes: a four-story rectangular housing unit; a two-story rectangular office unit; and a single story semi-circular commercial building. This town has about a dozen of each in an unimaginative pattern around a central square commons.

Each of the four major races, and several less common, is represented among the population. Considering the weather, everyone wears utilitarian, cold-weather clothing. No one seems to be carrying obviously exposed weapons. The main road terminates in the square and goes out toward the mine. It is the only one that is paved.

OOCFor Cid and Alexis, what are they looking for? Most buildings have stencil printed labels somewhere on them. For Ice and Cody, what are you guys doing in the explorer? You have the professor and, I presume, Drogo with you.

Alexis speaks softly for only Cid to hear.

"We could check in with the mine community admin and get a listing of personnel here or access a terminal there to get the same information. Other choice for gathering information about a person is to find the local bar and ask about our contact."

"If we are asked what a doctor and his nurse are doing here, we can explain that it is a random health inspection from corporate."

Ice switches on the
out to a 500 meter radius or whatever the max range is if its less
proximity alarms setting them for anything the size of a rat or larger just in case they had remote sensors and kicked back to just chill and wait for the others to radio in or trip the proximity alarms.

As Cid is about to leave the ship, he comments to the rest of the team. "We should report back about once an hour, if for some reason we miss three hours - come looking for us." He wanted to have at least some semblance of a fallback plan.

After leaving the ship with Alexis he nodded to her about her statement "Yes, I agree - random health assessments ordered by Corporate was along the same thought process I had." Cid carried a grin ear to ear, he wasn't used to people going along with his silly idea to be his nurse. "I don't know if we really want to go to the administrative office though, they may actually know what professionals are there and ask for credentials or try to look us up. If you happen to have good computer skills, I guess it is possible to try to find a directory, myself I am only decent with computers and certainly not great with hacking into secured ones. I think finding the local hang out and asking around would work best - failing that we could go to the farm buildings themselves and try to catch him while working or get additional information on his whereabouts, but that could have superiors looking into both us and our contact."

Alexis nods to Cid's comment.

"Agreed. Checking with the local pubs/bars would be the least noticeable."

Alexis scans the area ahead for terrain features, security devices, and closely at the ground for tracks.

As they do their recon it seems apparent that the place is well staffed and seems to have an abundant staff of security, he wondered if one of the security people was a Gorlian. "We better have our back story down before we go in - it looks like they are well staffed on security and perhaps trying to keep everything very closed off. If we get stopped on the outside, any ideas on what we should say? We should focus on other people walking around and inside to determine if we need to forge IDs and maybe take a name or two in case we are asked who we are by a security person or robot. Your thoughts, or are you ready to move ahead?"

Cid wanted to be very cautious, especially given their previous run in with the security officers. He was ready to continue on as soon as Alexis was, given that they had similar clothes to the colonists and could blend in decently enough from the information garnered with their distant scouting.


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