Scene Three: Rock Pit

The street running down the middle of the town is unpaved and thoroughly covered in tracks of both people and vehicles. There are two cantina/bars in town fairly close to each other, possibly owned by friends or rivals as they are the "First Chance Cafe" and the "Last Chance Bar." There are no obvious signs of security systems in place.

Alexis tells Cid.

"Let's just act casual and head into the First Chance Cafe. Once inside, we can listen in to the locals and quietly inquire about our contact. If we come up with nothing, we can head over to the bar and do the same."

Cid nods in agreement and replies quietly, "Sounds like a plan to me." Cid waves Alexis on through the door. Ladies first"

The First Chance Cafe is a single-story, per-fabricated semi-circular building. The flat wall faces the road, the curved wall is the back. The door is off-center to the right. Entering the cafe, Alexis and Cid pass through a small foyer with a notice
there are ads posted for barter, generally goods that people are seeking, or trying to get rid of. There are also some notices about upcoming specials in the cafe.
board and then enter the main room: the wall from the right curves around back, half of the building being the dining area: booths line the curved wall, tables for four are dotted around the floor. Bisecting the room is a bar, behind which seems to be the kitchens and offices.

The place is about half full with a motley assortment of peoples, most of them dusty with worn clothing. Some look up as you enter, most don't. A standing sign instructs them to sit where they please. Shortly after they take a seat, a service robot rolls up to their table and speaks in a mechanized voice: "Welcome. The menu is imbedded in the table top. May I take your order?"

As Cid walks in behind Alexis, he takes a little bit of time to review the board, looking for both the specials of today and perhaps be luckily enough to find the contacts information on it so they wouldn't have to do more interaction than needed.

As the robot approaches and asks for the order, Cid
assuming it's roughly lunch or dinner time
orders a special plate. He already had enough of their rations and hoped that this food would be better. As a drink, he would order a soft drink of some sort or another. "So, what are you getting?" He asked of Alexis after she placed her order. He wanted to strike up a little bit of conversation so they didn't seem so out of place and he could glance and listen around them for what people were talking about.

"I hate this... " murmurs Cody as he sits head in hands, he glances quickly at ICE, "... always hated waiting like this, it'd have been better if we'd arrnaged to ahve them check in so we know what's happening."

Ice glanced back to Cody, "Standard operation protocol, they are supposed to check back in periodically but they haven't been gone all that long. I gather your not used to having sit back and chill while the hired guns do the dirty work. Being the wheel man almost all the time I've learned to chill real well, thus my moniker. Hey you can get Drogo to tell you some jokes, Dralisites are great joke tellers." It was true that Dralisites loved to tell jokes, but it was also true that other than other Dralisites, most did not carry the same love. Ice always enjoyed their humor, but what he enjoyed most about it was the enjoyment the Dralisites got out of telling them more than the quality of the jokes themselves. Still occasionally they do come up with some really good ones. That is if you willing to sit back and chill while they wade through all the other ones that you have heard a hundred times or more.

Cody snorts and shakes his head, "Spare me the Dralasite jokes please." he sighs and asks, "D'you spend any time in the military? I did and I've spent plenty of time sitting waiting but always with an idea what the next phase of the plan is, this just seems too... sloppy." he shrugs.

After a pause he grimaces and comments, "This place reminds me of the ball I grew up on too."

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