Scene Three: Rock Pit

Ice settled back once more his hat tipped forward enough so it does not get crunched against the hull he is resting his head on but not to far forward that he cannot see the proximity radar, "Ahh well don't worry Drogo you can tell me a few I always enjoy listening to you guys recite jokes."

To Cody's extended question he responds, "Nope never been in the military. So what's sloppy about waiting with no agenda but to pick folks up when called? That's seems rather straight forward clean and efficient."

Still relaxing, "Really so what dust ball did you come from, got any fond memories of the place?"

Cody shrugs, "Never had a name other than Home, and I have no fond memories, just dirt, hunger and pain."

For a second he is silent and looks away, then he quirks a smile and asks, "What about you, I peg you as a city boy, easy living, but bored and looking for adventure?"

Drogo makes a rough approximation of a shrug, adding in a serious tone, "I knew a lovely human woman on an outback colony like this one. She was only a whiskey maker, but I loved her still." The professor shakes his head in a series of un-amused buzzes, then returns to reading on his data pad.

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Ice snort-chuckled both at Cody's question and Drogo's joke, "Nope wrong peg. Although I did spend some time in various cities but I also spent time in villages as well as back water hole in the wall way stations while growing up. As for being bored and looking for adventure, there too nope wrong peg. I never had that problem, never had to go looking for adventure, my parents often took us kids with them on their longer missions and those were always grand chances to explore or investigate new things as well as plenty of chances to get into and subsequently out of trouble. So boredom was almost never an issue. The most boring aspect was some of the longer space flights on smaller ships but that's where I learned to just chill out because I knew it would be over soon enough and the adventure would once more commence. Oh and nice joke by the way Drogo."

Drietes, looks up and down the dusty mainstreet, its eye spots sliding back and forth across its body. Today had been much like the last couple of days. Get up, check the flat area outside of town for ships bringing outsiders. Nothing again today, when will that Vrusk show up? Then it checked the situations vacant boards for work. Not finding any, it trudges on its three sturdy legs for the First Chance Cafe.
When Drietes enters people glance-up, it is hard not too when a big Dralasite with an arm growing out of the top walks in. Drietes glances around on the off-chance it spies a vrusk it doesnt recognise, it's obviously looking for someone. Nup, the only strangers are a couple of tall lean humans, possibly a mated pair. As of today Drietes is broke, that much is now obvious to everyone as it does not order anything. It finds a booth and begins to dictate notes for a paper on the pollination role of a local pseudo-slug it has been studying.

Cid sees the Dralasite enter the room, bringing back fond memories of how he actually got into this business. He watches it move to a table and settle in. He turns his attention back to Alexis, waiting for the food to be delivered.

When the food gets delivered, he takes out some hand wipes and offers one to Alexis before using one on his own hands and puts them away in his pocket. "Here's to hoping no little parasites burst out from our stomachs." he says jestingly and quietly so not as to intrude upon the other guests and their meals.

Alexis takes the hand wipe from Cid.


She smiles at Cid's comment.

"Or bursting from our chest."

Alexis looks over to the newcomer's table when she notices Cid checking on the large Dralasite.

The robo waiter drops off a menu for Drietes. Alexis and Cid have their food. There are a couple of humans in the cafe, but without talking to them it's impossible to know if any are the one you are looking for.

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Alexis starts to eat her meal. She whispers to Cid.

"I'll be right back."

Alexis gets up and heads into the ladies room. She pretends to wash her hands and then leaves it. On her way back to her table, she stops at the Dralasite's table.

"Excuse me. Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Alexis slides into the booth across from the Dralasite.

"My friend and I are looking for a person named, Ithai Mazhar. Would you be able to provide me with information as to where he is at?"

Cid nods to Alexis as they are eating their food and she mentions coming back, watches her get up and head to the bathroom. Then he turns his attention back to the food, listening to what he can hear and occasionally looking at the Dralasite and what it was doing. He smirked when he looked up once more and found Alexis in the booth, talking to the Drasalite. He'd keep an eye on the two to make sure nothing abrupt happened that he would need to respond to - meanwhile he would continue to slowly finish up his food.

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