Scene Three: Rock Pit

Ice tips his hat back a bit and leans forward and hits the com, "Cody is not near the com but I'll do it." Ice hit the speaker, "okay your open and on." He glances back to the professor, "Say hello professor." Then he leans back in his chair once more pulling his hat back down into position.

Cid smiles at Alexis, her idea was a nice and easy way to cut to the chase. Throw all the cards in and see where they land. Personally, he was one who typically withheld his hand and worked the situation as much as possible - but he was admittedly not the investigator and always had to deal with the red tape in the hospital.

Drogo shakes its head as Ice and Cody chat. "I used to break into song sometimes, but I couldn't find the key," he says, finally, chortling to himself in a deep rumble.

When the message comes up from Alexis, the professor looks up from his datapad then moves closer to the comm panel. "I am here, Ms. Grant. Please tell him to go on."

Alexis speaks to the commlink and Dralasite.

"Professor, Drietes tells me that Ithai was expecting help from a vrusk. Drietes also is wanting to find out if you are that vrusk."

The professor looks perplexed for a moment. "As I said at the beginning, I was to purchase information from Ithai, if that is what he means by help," he says after a moment of thought. "Perhaps this Drietes can take us to Ithai, then?" He sounds hopeful.

Drietes pauses then sounds about right. Ithai returned several weeks ago returned from a scouting mission into the northern badlands. He said he found 'something big.' He wouldn't say more right away. Then a few days ago he visits me all scared, said he sent a picture to a friend, you prof I ‘spose, who an’ you was coming to see it. But he thought the CDC admin intercepted one of the messages and he needed to hide out. He wan’ed me to meet you an’ bring you to Camp 3 in the badlands in exchange to a cut. So you folks ready to head out? With the shift over there will be more eyes about soon and I’d wanna get goin

Alexis jumps in.

"We are headed back to explorer. Contact you at next report time."

Alexis turns to Drietes.

"Okay, let's head back out of here and you can follow us to our vehicle."

Cid heads forward back towards the explorer with the rest of the group. "Well, sounds like we've found the right contact person. So how did you become such a trusted friend of Ithai?" Cid was curious and they had a little walk before they got to the vehicle.

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