Applications (2012)

Applications (2012)

Please post your applications here. Each application should contain at least name, sex, species, class, and brief background. The mechanics will be dealt with after the characters are selected.

Designation: Cyren Arm Manufactuering: Model# ADAN-15
Species: 4th Degree Droid
Class: Scoundrel/Pilot

Age: 7 Height 6'3" Weight:255

"Welcome Client #346586-H, to Cyren Arms Manufacturing's Defense Support Showcase, I am ADAN-15, Advanced Defense and Navigation Droid. My make and model was designed by a team of C.A.M's top stellar-engineers, to be used in conjunction, with 4,852 classifications of transports and vehicles. My direct interlinking with a vehicles onboard computer eliminates the .75ths of a seconds delay from competing manual operation Navigation Droids, and an improved 200% over biological pilots. Your credits will be wisely invested in the purchases and integration of my systems into your personal transportation. In addition to my supreme operating antilogarithms, Cyren Arms as seen fit to provide me with several personal defense programs, should an unfortunate event befall the client outside of protection I offer inside of your star ship."

Image courtesy of SpudaFett @ deviantart.
Name: Xaion
Sex: Male
Species: Mon Calamari
Class: Soldier/Scout combination of some kind.
"You could hire a cheaper mercenary if you want some poor bastard to find you dead with a knife in your back. Then the little git makes off with your credits, and the credits of who paid him for the hit. I know the best way to succeed in this cutthroat career is to do my job, and keep your wits. I'm the man for the job, but no stupid heroics unless I get hazard pay.

Xaion is a ferocious warrior from a wandering tribe of Mon Calamari, native to the seventh sphere of the deep core settlements. His tribe never gave up their nomadic and tribal way of life, they were forced deep under the oceans to live their lives away from modern society so they wouldn't give Mon Calamari a bad name. Now that the Empire has arisen though, the tables have turned. They were the first tribe to offer their assistance in helping the Mon Calamari gear up for battle and war. Their ancient techniques far surpassing the more lax modern training methods.

Xaion was foretold to be that of a mighty warrior who would strike terror into the hearts of those who would have to fight him. He received his basic training in the way of combat in the deepest and darkest depths of the planet where the light doesn't shine, and the only heat is the volcanic vents. Here deep sea creatures of myth challenge the ruler ship of the wandering Mon Calamari clans. The wisdom of the entire village was at his disposal, and he learned well. Once he came of age it was time to prove himself worthy of his name. There were a lot of people out there in need of a good soldier. He set out into the galaxy to offer his services to the highest bidder.

Don't mistake tribal life for primitive, his people trained him to be a fully capable field doctor as well as many other advanced skills he would need in the modern galaxy. It was this combination of high tech training, intelligence, and tribal warfare that seen him through the early years of his career. In no time at all he proved himself to be quite a formidable foe, easily working his way up in underworld ladder of fame. No one expects the peaceful fish people to be so adept in war, these simple and stupid assumptions cost many people their lives.

His most famous mission thus far is upon completion of the contract and delivery of his very wounded and injured bounty he was paid. His boss was reluctant to hire a bounty hunter from the start, it was painfully clear he didn't trust Xaion. The captive offered him a lot of money if he broke him out. Way more than his former employer could offer. Sure enough his former employee refused to offer him money out of spite and he was about to gun him down. Unfortunately he underestimated the foresight of his species. Earlier at their first meeting he planted some insurance explosives at their meeting spot. flashbang grenades. He patched up his former bounty good and dropped him off back home. Future employers soon learned to offer him more than their bounties could.

Personality: A cunning bounty hunter who hasn't neglected his mind. He realizes it's often a better thing to have than a quick trigger finger or big gun. Loves to curse when he can, otherwise stays out of things unless he is paid to. He is often referred to as the only hero you can hire for enough money. He is a simple man with simple goals in life. He is very implacable once on the job.

Can I create a character sheet so that I know what my character is like.

Name: Ellor
Sex: Male
Species: Duros
Class: Tech Specialist

Background: WTB

Name: Castle Price

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Class: Soldier

"They asked me why I let my unit go into battle without helmets, well, it was basic psychology. You see, the higher-ups like to believe that one big faceless mass sweeping over defenders is demoralising. What it actually does is take away your enemy's hesitation. He feels nothing gunning down wave after wave of the same exact thing. But you show him a face, a pair of eyes glinting with life and you give him pause. You make him think for a split-second that you're someone's father, someone's brother, someone's husband. And that split-second...Heh, that's all the time you need."

-Lieutenant Castle Price. Void Hand squad.

Description: People have often (behind his back) speculated that some ancestor of Price had to have done the deed with a Wookie, given the ex-Stormtrooper stood at well over six and a half feet built up with two hundred and eighty pounds of well-toned muscle. His thick brown hair, once cut short to regulation standards was now a bit messier, curling in a clump at the back of his neck and a fringe hanging low over a set of glinting blue eyes. His face is lightly-tanned and quite handsome, the only mark a large scar diagonally across the bridge of his nose.

When expecting combat, Price tends to wear his old Void Squad armour, which resembles the usual Stormtrooper armour on the outside only with a dark-grey colour instead of white and a heavy blaster rifle slung across his back. Relaxing, he's usually found in a pair of black pants and a blue shirt, rounded off with a set of well-worn and scuffed black boots.

Personality: Price tends to play the part that his looks make others expect of him - he's loud and boisterous and enjoys a good scrap as much as anyone does. He has a very active sense of humour and tends to snark at whatever situation he finds him in, whether it warrants it or not. However, it's all part of a well-calculated ruse as, in his own words "Being thought of as dumb muscle gives me an advantage, and you can never have too many of those.". Underneath it all is a rather cold, calculating man who seems to miss very little going on around him and is both ruthless enough and willing to grab onto any weakness an opponent shows, be it physical or mental, and squeeze an advantage out of it. Despite having been drummed out of the Imperial military, he has no love for the Rebel Alliance and tends to consider them part of why the Empire he joined up to serve has become such a dark place.

Background:When asked about his past before joining the Imperial military, Price would say it wasn't worth mentioning. He was born to a middle-class family on Coruscant in what would be the dying years of the Republic. He was six years old when the Emperor announced the formation of the Galactic Empire and reacted to the momentous occasion as any six-year-old would have: by shrugging his shoulders and going back to playing with his toys. The decision that would send ripples through the galaxy passed over him like it was nothing, though he'd look back on it later as the moment when his entire life's course would be changed.

School came and gone for Price and he went to university determined to study psychology, having decided to work as a trauma councillor. Graduating with honors, Price accepted an internship on Vnas, an orbiting station of Duros. The Empire had proclaimed it part of the Corellian sctor and was conducting mining operations on the surface. Life in the mines were stressful and his services were often sought by the miners. Things went smoothly until the Battle of Vnas about six months into his stay there. Until that point, Price had only a cursory knowledge of the Rebel Alliance and no real opinion on them. Afterwards, when a stray blaster bolt from a Rebel Y-wing had struck the section where the medical section, including his offices, were located and vented one of his patients into the black of space before emergency seals were put into place, he despised them.

After recovering from his own injuries sustained in the attack, Price enlisted into the Imperial Stormtroopers and was assigned to a detachment on Nar Shaddaa. He should have been just another piece of meat for the grinder, more cannon fodder for the Empire, but Price managed to prove himself in a skirmish with several smugglers attempting to rob an Imperial weapons depot. With every commanding officer killed or incapacitated, Price took over command of what remained of his unit and using both guerilla tactics and elements of psychological warfare to both stop the assault and ultimately kill the attacking smugglers. Price could tell that the human wave tactics the Empire used in ground assaults were ineffective and antiquated, and ultimately unsuited to urban battlegrounds such as Nar Shaddaa. His performance in the battle gave him the opportunity to suggest an squad specifically trained in psy-ops, enemy demoralisation and harassment. He was given a trial run, and thus Void Hand was born. Void Hand operated for the next year with great success, fighting smaller-scale battles against Rebels, dislodging them from cities where the populace were sympathetic. Soon the dark-grey armour of Void Hand was feared as much as those of the elite Stormtroopers.

However, things weren't all perfect for Price. He'd seen other squads operating with Void Hand attack civilians without provocation, something that didn't sit well with him - he avoided civilian casualties as far as possible, as he was a soldier, there to take out the enemy. Also, since he understood human nature so well, he knew that retribution against those helping the Rebels would only strengthen support for them. Fear only went so far in quashing resistance.

It all came to a head when a Moff ordered the execution of a group of women who had been ferrying supplies to the Rebels in the mountains of Tierfon. Price refused the order, before clubbing the Moff in the face with the stock of his rifle. When the rest of his squad arrived, the women were gone, as was Price himself. He knew that despite his rank, his accomplishments, if he was caught he was going to be executed. He went to ground for a day or two to let the heat die down, before hiding his Void Hand gear in a spot in the wilderness and headed back to the main city to attempt to get off-world. Things didn't go as planned, and he was picked-up, only this wasn't by an Imperial patrol. It was a group of the local Rebel base who had heard of the founder of Void Hand being declared a traitor and thought they had found a new ally.

Oh, they were in for a surprise...

Name: Silas Drexan
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Class: Scout/Scoundrel

"I ain't in this fer money. I ain't in this fer power. I ain't in this fer fame, or fer glory. I'm in this because I've seen lives destroyed by those seeking those things, an' they've got ta be stopped."

Silas is a physically unremarkable specimen, being of average height, weight, and build for a middle-aged Human, which the galactic community at large has an ample supply of. While in civilization, he keeps his black hair cropped short, but when "roughing it", he tends to let personal grooming fall by the wayside, leading to it becoming long and unkempt. The same reason explains his perma-stubble. His hair and stubble frame a pair of piercing green eyes that seem to miss nothing. His skin is rough and hardened by exposure to the elements. He prefers wearing durable, comfortable clothes that match the current terrain, and tends to accessorize with a camo cloak and a long gun.

"Fanatic" is a good word to describe Silas's attitude towards the cause. So is "zealot". Silas channels his rage at a system that destroyed his life before it began into an iron will that drives him towards his ultimate goal of tearing the Empire to the ground, setting the rubble alight, and scattering the ashes to the solar winds.

These traits, unsurprisingly, do not make for the most personable of individuals. He has been variously called bitter, distant, dour, cold, and scarily single-minded.

Name: Garl Tobin
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Class: Soldier

“Just keep them dancing long enough for Harper to set up enfilade fire, then fall back and I’ll keep them pinned!”
-- Corporal Garl Tobin
*Note: background is (very) open to suggestion to make it fit with the group or where the game will go. Any feedback is welcome!

Hi there! My name is Andy, nice to meet you. If you care to know, I am very character-driven gamer; I play for the story telling, not the 'winning'. It can drive some game-smart players crazy, although I find that that is less an issue in PbP communities like this.

My first application is for Ve'caraven (Vekcara Ven), a Twi'lek pilot. I had originally designed her for a different game, but it fell apart before it had even properly started, so I have been dying for a chance to play her properly. I have reworked her background significantly to better fit this time period and story.

Name: Ve'caraven "Vek"
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Class/Roll: Scoundrel, Pilot

Basic Personality: Nerves of steel are required for any pilot; at least, any pilot who hopes to get away with the kind of stuff Vekcara does. Even staring down the business end of a blaster rifle, she'll have a grin and a sarcastic comment. She is friendly and outgoing, but in a superficial way. When it comes down a crunch, its every girl for herself.

Combat Style: The best kind of combat is the kind you don't get into in the first place. If someone starts firing at Vek, the first thing she is going to do is look for the fastest way out possible. Failing that -- and only failing that -- she can always rely on her trusty blaster pistol, Vana.

Vek would be my first choice of character to play, however, if you were greater need of a healer I do have a Kaminoan Noble (Healer) idea I have been kicking around for a while. Quiet, sneaky, kind of heartless... fun!

Name: Sula Re
Species: Kaminoan
Gender: Female
Class/Roll: Noble, Healer

Basic Personality: Sula does not mince words, and she does not waste time. She is thoughtful and patient, and rarely acts before thinking through every option. She does not care about your story, or your problems, and she won't tell you about hers. She does not share information that she does not need to, nor does she particularly feel the need to correct someone if they are wrong. Personal relationships are unnecessary, in her mind, people fall into one of two categories; Useful or Not Useful. Her actions and words often come off as callous or mean, and although she may say them with a smile, she intends them exactly the way they sound. To say that Sula hasn't made a lot of friends in the Rebellion would be a lie. She hasn't made any.

Combat Style: Sula is the type of person to take down her opponents quietly. She utilizes neural inhibitor darts and poisons to stop her enemies without them even realizing they are under attack.


Name: Vita Hitori
Sex: Female
Species: Near-Human
Class: Noble/Soldier/Non-Force Jedi

Well heeeeere we go! I definitely went a bit overboard with this one, but it may be some of the most fun i've had since that time I had some fun. Anyway it's unlike any app I've done before and I'm sorry it's so long, but I hope you guys like it and get where I'm going here.

Name: Rovacca (Ro- the Romantic Eviscerator)
Sex: Male
Species: Wookiee
Class: Soldier


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