Applications (2012)

Mordecai Rokke

Mordecai Rokke
Male Human Scout


Name: Rynn Pishyakan
Gender: Male
Species: Devaronian
Class: Soldier
Personality: Rynn is constantly balancing between optimism and pecimism. He has so far gotten out of every scrape, so he's always sure things will work out for the best. On the other hand, he's seen betrayal and is often suspicious of new situations, often saying how he's sure things will blow up in their face. He's most alive and energized when explosives and explosions are involved.

"Now's when it'll all go wrong. In a few minutes we're going to have a platoon of troopers coming at us. Assuming I can get charges placed here, here, and here. And assuming those extra charges I lifted from the Imperial supply depot weren't made by the lowest bidder. And assuming I can get that little something special I picked up placed in the bunker properly, then we might just make it out of here alive. But if we don't, then at least we'll go out spectacularly and take most of them with us."

Rynn began his love of explosions when he witnessed an accident while a ship was being loaded on Devaron. As he grew up, he was often in trouble with his parents and clan elders and when he came of age Rynn stowed away on a freighter bound for Nar Shadaa. Mid flight, the freighter was taken by pirates, and he took the opportunity to join up, the other option being a short walk out of the airlock. Despite the inauspicious start to his joining of the 'Void Mynocks,' he soon grew to like the gang and was welcomed as one of their own, especially when the head of the gang realized his skill with explosives.
Rynn's luck would turn during a raid on Duro. While the pirate gang was breaking into a private vault, the second in command of the gang sold out the rest of the crew. The leader of the crew called for a retreat, and under heavy fire Rynn fled to one of the escape ships. The pilot of the ship was forced to take off when it appeared it would be taken. Rynn watched his friends die as the ship left the planet. Fearing a reprisal, the two of them headed for Nar Shadaa to lay low. Upon landing, they abandoned the ship and hid as best they could with an old contact of the pilot.
A couple of weeks later, a group of Imperial forces arrived on Nar Shadaa looking for those responsible for attempting to raid an Imperial supply detail. Sensing the opportunity for quick credits, Rynn and his pilot friend were fingered as the culprits and captured by the Imperials. His luck would turn again while on the prison ship away from Nar Shadaa. The Rebellion, seeking to rescue the remains of an experienced squad that happened to be on the same ship. During the rescue, Rynn's cell malfunctioned and he was able to help attack the Imperial guards. Ever the opportunist, and wanting to hurt the Empire for the unjust capture while playing with military grade explosives, Rynn joined up with the Rebellion when his unwitting rescuers made the offer.
The Rebel team took the seized ship to Tierfon where his joining of the Rebellion was made official. He's now waiting for an assignment that will let him use his new toys, and maybe get a few credits on the side.

Name: Major Mykl N'Rune, Retired
Sex: Male
Near Human (Genetic Cultivar)
Soldier/Scout (Sniper)
Role: Assault / Tactics


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