Character Building: Rules and Questions

Any special rules for rolling hit dice? Given the way everything else is set up, I'd be surprised if we didn't go with at least "Reroll 1's on hit dice."

So... Sweetie belle's hit points. 17...

12 from HD

2 from con (And it seems ridiculous for Scotaloo to have a con of 8 i have to do something about that.)

2 bonus HP from favored class.

1 from ? What am I forgetting?

Huuuuuuhhhhhh uuuuuuuummmmmm....

You know I... it's...

I can't think of it. I have the feeling that there IS something in there that gives me one more hit point... I mean, I did this same exact little count up like three hours ago and got 17. But for the life of me I can't remember what it is. I might have just mixed in something from another character without thinking. I've made like six D&D characters in the last week you know.

I'll fix it down to 16, and put it back if I remember what that thing was. I could have just counted wrong when adding a second hit die for some reason.

I think perhaps in stead of posting supernatural gifts in the IC thread I should post them in the Bio thread so everything is in the same place.

My goal is to keep everything plug and play because I can't really lug my campaign papers with me.

Story? Yes.

Paperwork? No.

Okay we're going to try a reroll.

Dice Roll:
4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1
d6 Results: 5, 5, 4 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 4, 3, 5 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 3, 6, 4 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 6, 6, 4 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 6, 4, 4 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 3, 3, 2 (Total = 8)

Your total has gone up by two.

You had 75, I had 85. Now you have 77. Perhaps the distribution is more to your liking?

This is 20% less inequitable and yet it still feels unfair. The distribution he offered had a total of 83, before adjustments.

Actually, filly age adjustments work out to nine points. If you weren't about to have to reduce all these scores because of your age, you'd have 86, which would be almost perfectly fair.

Shame, that.

Oh... feel free to ignore my random rambling statistics. I was just curious how different it was from your last one.


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