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Jinn Chaos-Touched
Giddis Stormkeel
Serafina "Fina" Campana




Level 12 32,000 <--- You are here
Level 13 39,000
Level 14 47,000
Level 15 57,000
Level 16 69,000
Level 17 83,000
Level 18 99,000 <--- Prospective finishing level here

Rescuing the Harrisons (well, most of them anyways) -- XP & Loot
XP - 730 XP each

As well as the 12 recently made spears found by Giddis (two found with the Harrisons) with the same
Makers Mark on them, you find, from the three giants LARGE sacks:

Three large clubs ... obviously ...

About six cows worth of parts (mostly legs), still with the hides on them, ripped rather then cut from the cows, a number of large rocks, throwing size for the giants you would guess, as well as, from:

The sack of Hill Giant 01: a Bone comb, a small keg, opened at one end with a rope around it as a handle (used as a tankard??) and a Bag of skulls (humanoid, animal and "other")
The Sack of Hill Giant 02: another keg (tankard), an Iron cooking pot (cauldron), and a bag of salt (about 5 pounds left in the bag) and a bag of dried mushrooms (about 1 pound)
The Sack of Hill Giant 03: a full helm with a large wooden spoon in it (the helmet still has food stuck on the inside of it where the "bowl" hasn't been washed correctly), two 50' lengths of hemp rope, and a single old sandal (Giant Sized)

The bugbears have sacks or bags, each contains various types of animal for "snacks", with five larger bags carried amongst them with a tarpaulin, ropes and pegs. There is nothing worth anything other then those in amongst them.

Across the whole lot of them you find some Gems (Appraise away for these please ... you can do that on this forum), and 678 gold pieces, 2,345 silver pieces and a bucket or so of copper pieces (4,856 to be precise). About 80% of the coins are from Silverymoon, the other 20% from places further afield.

Appraised Gems: Mixed bag of gems, 450gp worth.

Varrg the Packmaster -- XP & Loot
XP - 950 XP each

The Avalancher's each had a bag of large boulders (throwing rocks), hide armour and a Lakkarial sized greatclub each (as in, they were the same size and weight as Lakkarial).

Varrg also had a Lakkarial sized greatclub and around his neck he has a key worn on a rope.

It looks as if they departed in a hurry, most likely Varrg could speak dire wolf and they rushed out thinking there was something interesting to hunt outside ...

Unfortunately they ran into the Giant Killers and their new companions.

In the Kennels, you found:

Varrg's room
3 Dire Wolf puppies, about 3 months old -- super cutesy-wootsy (oh, and GREAT big bags of dried dog food)
Chaos Cloak
Level 14+
This cloak is brightly colored and covered in nodules, like the skin of a slaad, and its effects are just as chaotic.
Lvl 14 +3 21,000 gp
Neck Slot
Enhancement Bonus: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
You gain resist 10 to all damage from elemental creatures.

Power (Teleportation) Daily (Immediate Reaction)
Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack that targets Fortitude, Reflex, or Will.

Effect: Roll a d6 and apply the appropriate result.
1-2: 1-2: You take half damage from the triggering enemy's attack.
3-4: 3-4: You teleport 1d8 squares.
5-6: 5-6: The triggering enemy takes damage equal to the damage it dealt you.
Chaos Cloak +3
Five very well cut gems, matching in colour and clarity -- (appraisal required)
A gold statuette of a Centaur -- (appraisal required)
A very large leather satchel with quite a large content of mixed coins in it -- (counting required), and
two potions of
Potion of Vitality
Level: 15 Common
This potent curative heals wounds and can even fix other ailments.
Consumable: Potion 1,000 gp
Power: (Healing)
Consumable (Minor Action)
Drink the potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 25 hit points and make one saving throw against an effect that a save can end.

Giant's Room Three Satchels and three giant sized cloaks (you don't think they've been washed for a while ... oh, who are we kidding ... EVER)

As well as finding "snacks" in each of them (some of them of a "dubious" nature) and various amounts of coins, you also find:

Satchel 1: A suit of leather armour, a bit battered and bloodied, human-ish sized with what looks to be a crest of some sort (Knowledge: Local / Nobility / etc DC20 to recognise), a VERY large bag of nuts of some nature, (Knowledge: Nature to ID), a full waterskin and a shortsword with the same maker's mark on it as the spears you found)

Satchel 2: A cask of ale (half empty / half full -- you decide), 3 by 5' lengths of chain and a drinking horn damaged by what looks like chains ...

Satchel 3: A bag of skulls, some still with skin / eyes / ears in them (as well as maggots), one giant sized boot -- quite fancy actually and a full waterskin (of water).

The Maker's Mark on the shortsword

Giant Lodgings
XP - 1640 (Fina, Giddis & Jinn)
XP - 1645 (Lakkarial, Liame & Niethardt)

Morzul's Room A gem-studded helm, an ivory drinking horn with platinum filigree, all laying within and on a quite large pile of coins..

The other contains a suit of leather armour studded with gleaming, brass studs; three pieces of fine jewelry (armour and jewelery are all human sized. Also wrapped in some velvet (most likely torn from what was probably a very fine dress) is a gold amulet set with beautiful jewels, this would most likely fit around Fina or Jinn's waist, so it was most likely Morzul's necklace.

Gem Studded Helm: 2500gp
Amulet (or thick waist chain for Jinn or Fina}: 1500gp
Ivory Drinking Horn with Platinum Filigree: 2500gp
The three gems are not a matched set, but worth 500gp each
Armour of Dark Majesty - Neithardt is now wearing it




3C Large Locked Chest

XP Spreadsheet (also keeps a list of Magic Items found and where during the adventure ...

Hall of the Chief (and other rooms)
XP - 2100 (Fina, Giddis & Jinn)
XP - 2200 (Lakkarial, Liame & Niethardt)

Loot: - when you get the chance

XP Spreadsheet

Stone Giant Bedroom
XP - 300 (Fina, Giddis & Jinn)
XP - 400 (Lakkarial, Liame & Niethardt)

Loot: - 10 large gems, large bag of gold & a stone tablet engraved in a language none of you understand (or possibly Liame does if he picks the right language ... mwuahahahahahaha *cough*

XP Spreadsheet

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