Cool. I think we'd need to get Plugsy to open up the game forum so that we can edit it and create an ad that's associated with it.

I'll create an ad and share it with everyone on here.

Okay, got the forum opened up so that I'm the temporary DM in order to associate this content to an ad. How does this sound?

We're a group of roleplayers who recently started a campaign forum together. Unfortunately our DM had to leave the Weave indefinitely for personal reasons, so we're currently in hiatus until we find a new DM.

We're just started the Barrow of the Forgotten King, a 2nd-level adventure that starts in the graveyard outside the small town of Kingsholm, so we're hoping to continue with this adventure and see how things transpire. While this can be a one-shot adventure that we complete, we would really love to continue afterwards and turn this into an ongoing campaign.

We're four or five players who will be patient, who will offer feedback (both positive and constructive), and who will make the experience fun. Any DMs out there interested in guiding us along in our adventures?

Apparently posting ads for DMs is frowned upon. I find it contrary to the spirit of this community, but that's the rule. I've posted entries in the DM Workshop.

Hi guys!
I saw your ad in Mordae's Game Rescue Society and was tempted to take over.
Actually, I have been considering to DM a campaign for quite some time now and this might be a good opportunity to get that going. I have started three campaign on MW, all of which are dead now, but I don't believe I am to blame for that (at least I didnt' bail.) One of the campaigns were a bit too ambitious and another contained too little hack&slash to my players' liking.

So, first question to you will be: Do you still want to do this campaign?
Secondly, how are your plans for the summer? In my experience a lot of games slow down during the Holiday and myself I actually have more time on my hands for MW than usual. Are you up for a summer game or would you rather start anew after the Holidays?

To tell a bit about myself, I have played D&D since we used the red and blue book, but my RL group has all but quit.
Now I find I often log on without there being new activity and being a DM I can create more to do.

Yay, lasseram!

I wouldn't mind playing this adventure, just to say we finished what we started. I't's good that you posted here though, just to see who among our illustrious crew are still interested in playing. I am, that's for sure.

In fact, I've always wanted to see a character of mine advance further than one or two levels. I would really love to see a character advance from 1st to 20th, but maybe that's too much to ask for, not sure.

Awesome! Welcome, and I hope you do take over, this group has a lot of comedic potential. It's already been demonstrated. :P

Welcome lasseram!

I am still very keen to pickup where we left off!

My posting rate should be reasonably consistent at 1/day on weekdays. Summer or no.

Ok, so that's three out of four.
Do any of you know Chirp? I see he/she was last logged on June 19th and only play(ed) in this game...


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