He might've been the new addition that our previous DM, mboyzilla, had introduced. I got the impression they were cousins, so maybe he left MW altogether too.

ok, how about Enilas and MutualC?
Did they leave before mboydzilla?
If neither them nor Chirp are interested in continuing and the three of you are, I suggest we do so with just your three PCs and I'll NPC the others. For a bit, until they die horrible deaths one by one.

I don't think Enilas ever started. He created a sorcerer, but it was crickets from him once we got the game going. MutualC is mboydzilla's cousin, now that I think about it. Chirp I thought was interested in continuing, but he might be on vacation.

OK, I have continued the game. I noticed you haven't posted in-game, Paul. Now would be a good time to do so.
And the rest of you, of course.

Good point! No, I don't want to mess up the story line. I'll provide some answers for you tomorrow. I just got home from an eight hour drive and should be in bed already.
Also, from this second forth this thread will only be used at the privilege of the supreme DM!
So, will use the ooc thread for the other stuff.

OK, folks. I have merged the two game threads, so may continue in the Coronet and cabbage-thread with all your in-game posts.

Sorry guys. I know I owe you an update, but my head is too fried from a 14 hour work shift.
A heavy project was thrown in my lap Thursday and while it is a huge compliment they want me to salvage the project, it means practically no time to post during the day. I will try to keep updating evenings, but I might miss a day or two.

Limited posting

I will be really busy at work for the next three weeks until February 10th, working seven days a week and long hours.
Posting will be limited, but I hope to give you some updates from time to time.

Due to my buddy's stag party this Weekend, I'll be offline from Saturday through Monday.


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