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Awww I just saw the name for this game and kind of died a little inside. The use of Farscape in its descriptor had me clapping gleefully... Lost In Space... not so much.

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Those sure are some nice ability rolls, for sure. I had a kid in a Forgotten Realms tabletop game I ran , hell, a decade ago now, who rolled three frickin' 18's with the roll 4, drop the lowest scheme. His character was a complete monster, yet the player was so terrible he got himself killed.. Hehe. And the Bard with a single +2 survived 'til the end! But I digress..

Those are very nice. He will very likely be the best at whatever position and occupation he aims for.
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I... I have no idea what that's for or what that means. I assume it's a bell curve showing optimal combinations of stats.

Edit: Holy Crap! Did everyone see what 1steptooquick just did in the apps thread!? That's a genetically engineered nietzschean superman if I ever saw one.

HAHAHA!! Yes Bow before genetic superiority! lol

Not that it'll matter much, I am not that experienced at d20 modern, but with stat rolls like that I figured damn I have to try! I'll never roll that well again even with weighted dice.

So I figured I would make that kind of character what was naturally good at everything so he never tried to or focused too hard on anything. A younger character that's a Lt. Commander or something and is forced to take charge in an early scene when the captain dies light years from home and with no support. Somone good at making others better since he's dabled in everything. I figure once I finish the Field Commander Advance class (if i get accepted and am allowed to play ofcourse) I could find him some sort of specialization. I tend to like combat characters.

Maybe I'll give him Brawling or Combat Martial Arts so that during some story arch finally it all comes down to him punching some bad guy in the face reguardless of all the space battle insanity happening around him. ALA EVERY SCI Fi CAPTAIN PRETTY MUCH EVER!

Well, I also used a reference to Star Trek in the title.

Without tipping my hand, Lost In Space is most relevant as an allusion to a small team of people aboard a starship, exploring the galaxy.

Farscape by far has a more relevant influence into the general theme and situations this team of people find themselves in among the stars.

Toss in a healthy dash of Alien, and a sprinkle of Star Trek (though, admittedly I'm not much of a Trekker) and Mass Effect. Mix well with
Pure chaos if I've ever experienced it. If you ever think you have a master plan, chances are roleplayers will find a way to do something you never dreamed to think about.
players and see what happens.

edit: I cannot stress enough, though... the importance of knowing which battles to fight and which to run away from will be critical. I plan on having action and rewards, but all will require some thought.

lol I'm feeling confident I'll die. :-D

I'm a big fan of most of those.

Oh question, is there any way we can combine some of the very specific skills into larger groups ala pathfinder and 4e. Like Jump, and Swim being combined into Athletics? Or tumble, and Blanace, Being combined into Acrobatics?

I don't know how pertinent those skills will be in space, but I've had a character drown before because I took ranks in Jump and not Swim...

I posted a more detailed description of my character in the application thread. Quixotico, do you mind taking a quick look? I took a few liberties in the backstory and I'd like to know if it jives with your setting. I'm willing to make extensive changes, if necessary.

Off the top of my head, search and spot and listen combine to form Perception, hide and move silently combine to form Stealth, as well as the previously listed combinations. At least that's what're last mine I looked into it.

Basic apps are finally done for my two concepts, still working on some underlining backgrounds for them. Though I got a pretty good idea in my head exactly what I want to write up.

I have one question though... For my 2nd concept (Robotics and Cybernetics Engineer) can I possible put together a PL 5/PL 6 robot to bring along? I can come up with a basic fleshed out design and send it to you.


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