OOC: The Hypernet

I'm here. Still excited and willing to play.
Just one recommendation from a GM PoV - while I like the realism of the game, it does not lend itself to PbP as many lose interest due to so much caution and pondering. It drags things down, sometimes to the point where they grind to a halt and that's it then.

Still here. I moved to a new city and had some issues waiting / setting up my Internet but its working now.

However I'm lost as to where my character is. Guess I'll have to find my last post in the tread and start reading from there.

Edit: I hope he didn't die.

OK, been wondering where some folks have been. I've been a bit busy myself, so I know how things can get.

Let's see where things are. I'll take into account the realism vs. PbP nature.

So is any of the exploration team still around? Because I would suggest using explorers for minimal damage, but I'm not the one risking life and limb inside a fake spaceship.

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