OOC: The Hypernet

Well obviously I'm fine with their being no limit, it's just I'd have no logical in game reason to limit this and I imagine some GMs would be annoyed if everyone has a +3 equipment bonus to everything.

I was thinking about Technosavant, but half of it's abilities relate to wealth (the salvage abilities are wealth buffs) I hope the DM trades out those for some other option for whoever gets accepted.

@Velkyros: Doesn't look too outrageous. Though if you want a custom paint job, you'll have to apply it yourself. The USF isn't big on flashy colors.

@Lanlaorn: I'll have to read over those rules and figure it out. Perhaps it will be dependent upon procuring high-quality materials to work with. Obviously the ship will have supply of such material suitable for a level-7 character, and anything above that you'll have to supply. Felix makes a good point on time and energy, too.

@Penchant: Anything having to do with Wealth will have some sort of replacement. If the above rule for quality materials required for advanced/master crafting is in play, Salvage may become a boon to finding such material. I'll take a closer look at home.

@ArcaneStomper: I can't think of a reason.

Quixotico if you need anyone to give you a hand building bots or mechas let me know. I enjoy building them :P

If anyone else needs a hand (Velkyros?) then I would be willing to help too.

Mecha seem crazy powerful lol, even using one untrained seems like a great choice for away missions. I guess the Large size and constantly squeezing to get through things designed for medium character would be the drawbacks to that plan.

Glad to hear that about the wealth since I thought of dabbling in techno savant as well.

Robots are a lot more expensive than cybernetics... hmm.....

Quick mention of the Salvage/Mastercraft/Technosavant/Engineer thing. In place of XP, I'm planning to use GoRM. Grams of Rare Material. It's a 1:1 ratio, 1 GoRM in place of 1 XP. Failure on the craft check will destroy an amount of GoRM depending on how much you missed the DC by. On occasion, specific GoRM (SGoRM) will be found. It's worth twice as much as normal, but only for a specific application. (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor, etc.) GoRM will be a part of loot.

Salvage will provide a means of attaining additional GoRM (I have to figure out the rate, still). It will also double the chances of finding SGoRM.

I love saying SGoRM.

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