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I love saying SGoRM.
And now I do too. Thanks for that :P

Edit: stellar idea btw. having a managable resource when money is worthless in deep space is a good game tool.

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Robots are a lot more expensive than cybernetics... hmm.....

Quick mention of the Salvage/Mastercraft/Technosavant/Engineer thing. In place of XP, I'm planning to use GoRM. Grams of Rare Material. It's a 1:1 ratio, 1 GoRM in place of 1 XP. Failure on the craft check will destroy an amount of GoRM depending on how much you missed the DC by. On occasion, specific GoRM (SGoRM) will be found. It's worth twice as much as normal, but only for a specific application. (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor, etc.) GoRM will be a part of loot.

Salvage will provide a means of attaining additional GoRM (I have to figure out the rate, still). It will also double the chances of finding SGoRM.

I love saying SGoRM.
I love it, great idea!

Oh, and I'll share one of my favorite robot websites for everyone's inspiration:


and of course it's cousin: http://conceptships.blogspot.com/

Finished my sheet, I think. I link to it in my app.

*twiddles thumbs*

Very nice links. I've been sketching out designs for the Pythean, as I've not yet settled on one. These will provide some awesome inspiration.

Hi, everyone! I haven't posted much yet, but I just got my xenopsychologist into the character app thread.

If anyone has any ideas about how to make Gagandeep (my PC) as useful as possible, please let me know. I'm working on the character sheet this afternoon. I haven't found an adv. class that I like, so for now, he's smart/wise, but if you have a better idea, I'm all ears. Ambassador made sense until I read the class features.

I have a request for Quix, could you post a thread in here with all of the character creation guidelines? I know it's up in the original game thread, but it's a little awkward to go back and forth, and we seem to have migrated to here. Just a suggestion!

Also, anyone know how to make my character sheet visible to the GM through his own Sheets screen? I somehow got that to work on the game I'm running, but I cannot figure out how (I have trouble navigating MW). Thanks!

I added what my character's potential contribution to ship design would be to my app .

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