Posting Guide

Posting Guide

OK, here we go, some general stuff
  • Jinn Chaos-Touched, female changeling chaos sorcerer/primordial adept (PC)
  • Giddis Stormkeel, male halfling monk/windrider (RR)
  • Serafina "Fina" Campana, female half-elf bard/euphonic bow (CG7)
  • Lakkariel, male watersoul genasi Watersoul Swordmage/Swordmage Aegis (EP)
  • Neithardt, male eladrin Warlock/Warlord hybrid/Flame of Hope (RZ)
  • Liame, male human Hexblade/Evermeet Warlock (PB)

In game, I like to keep the narrative as such without the distraction of pages of combat, so ...

We'll have a Narrative, a FIGHT!, a Strategy & Tactics, a What was that??, a HELP, I'm Stuck and a Where did that come from?? thread.

I'll explain a few things about each thread below:

It's all about the story in the end

Oh ... one thing which has changed slightly (as an Edit to a post, even by someone else doesn't set off a notification) is if you use a skill check in the narrative, once I have put in your response, in the OOC I will post something like:

Ping <insert character name here> so the player in question will know I have replied to their skill check / in narrative question / etc

If you have a follow up to that skill check, just do a: Ping Great and Glorious, we are not worthy, DM type response ... though Ping NGP obviously means the same thing

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