Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Another thing ... in Ty's game, he has introduced giving us the AC / Fort / Ref / Will rolls we need to hit targets -- although you wouldn't do this normally in an RL game, it does help move the combat along.

So instead of rolling, waiting on the DM to say "Yes" you hit, then you move on, it allows you to know when you have hit or miss, and you can write it into your "Combat" narrative.

For examples of this, you can look at this ongoing combat where Ty is trying to kill us -- poor little Willow ...

Ty trying to kill PC and NGP's characters ..

Read from Ty's post halfway down ... look for CRACK!

Another thing as well which he's introduced which I'm going to steal (I checked Ty, you don't have a patent on it yet, so ... :P) is a fieldset summary at the end (and then he asked for StatBlocks as well ... it's never ending the work he makes us do)

I like the idea of the Summary, you don't have to do the StatBlocks as I will record what you have and haven't used / HP / AP's / Death Rolls / etc on the Character Thread -- see how Nice I am to you people ??

Let me know if you're happy with this ... it really does add a narrative to combat ... I can then copy over the highlights after the combat to the Narrative ... boosting the story along

What? I didn't ask for a stat block. I just wanted you guys to add which powers you used to your summaries so I didn't have to go hunting on your character sheets all the time.

At least I don't think I asked for stat blocks...? They would be redundant with my tables and such.

Questions for Union:
Does it mind being drawn on? and can it see itself, where does it's perception come from?
How much does it use telepathy? often or does it primarily use normal speech?

Question for Jinn:
Does she change often, once per day, is it on purpose or random... in short, what triggers her changes?

Drawn on, like, with ink or paint? I don't see why it would. It would find the behavior curious but wouldn't stop it. Might ask questions about it.

It can see itself as well as you or I. Although it's 'eye' is only a singular, glowing orb within its head, it has standard, humanoid vision.

It primarily uses normal speech. It has discovered, over 4 decades of trial and error, that most people don't like telepathy. It will most be used for super-secret whispers during battle, interrogations, stealth actions and the like. Really, there's no reason for the party to speak at all in stealth situations as Union can communicate with everyone and relay messages, keeping the party totally silent (speech-wise, at least).

I'm thinking ink wouldn't draw on crystal, paint or prestidigitation more likely. I was just wondering about the speech thing to know if Gidd would have spoken to it telepathically or not.

Whether Gidd and Union spoke telepathically is up to you? I can't think of any reason that Union would feel motivated to do so but if Gidd brought it up...?

no he wouldn't have brought it up, he wouldn't even have any reason to even know that such a thing is possible. So we can leave that for in-game.

We'll wait for CG to move her post to Narrative, then you can respond there Ty ...

Maybe she's having dinner RL ??

@ All

Also, any skill checks, questions, etc should be done in [ooc='something']question or whatever[/ooc] so I can answer in the same post

Now is a good time to review the "Posting Guide"

Posting Guide ... it's BRILLIANT


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