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You are free to go now Ty ... welcome to Troll's End and the game has started

I will start archiving all of the Pre-game stuff as questions can now be asked on the MainThread as per the Posting Guide (did I mention it's brilliant ??)

okay... I really don't understand all this multi-thread jumbo... or at least I don't think I do:

When do we post in Prelude? Where does dialogue between characters go? What if I want to post an observation of my character but really have him do mostly nothing?

We are not supposed to post in Prelude, our dialogue will be going into Narrative. Observations could be made in thought form, as in using italics to consider something in the narrative. That's how I understand it anyway. If I'm wrong, correct me DM. =P

Here's my question, do you prefer that we wait for everyone else to post before posting again, or can I go ahead and respond to Union right away?

If you want to respond as in a conversation, go for it ... if another player would like to interject they do so ... just as in RL, as in the game

@ Rum Narrative is where EVERYTHING goes from now on ...

Read the Posting Guide for other "things"

My god. I go out drinking to celebrate the end of exams and everything happens around me.

So, Jinn's Charisma you pretty much hit head on with bubbling with barely contained elemental energy. It's pretty obvious she is riding the wave of her power, rather than controlling it, which can make her seem quite scary. She's also become quite adept at lying about who she is over the years, given she often wakes up as a different person, and most people don't buy that 'just happens' to her, so she needs to come up with plausible explanations as to how she got there.

As regards Jinn's changes: she only ever changes overnight, never during the day, and her changes are not voluntary. In short, she has no real control over her 'changeling' abilities - they are physical manifestations of the arcane energy of the Elemental Chaos flowing through her. She views herself as human, and she was born human - it was being vested with such power by the primordial that left her changing physically. She does end up in some forms more often than others, so perhaps she is developing some sort of control, but this isn't the ability to change her appearance at will, its the ability to 'pick' from a set group of appearances (namely the descriptions for each number). Her appearances seem more weighted to the Fire and Lightning descriptions, and very rarely is she seen as anything in the 6-10 range. (Mechanically, I'll be rolling to determine her appearance at the end of every short rest, and picking from Cold, Thunder, Fire, Lightning if it ends up in the 6-10 range).

Cool! Thanks PC. Love the concept, does her personality change with the forms or just her appearance?


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