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The Outrider's Journey

The Outrider's Journey

You are a member of the Silverwolf Outriders. Your clan's ancestral sword has been stolen and taken somewhere into vast and untamed borderlands. It must be found at all costs. You and dozens of your clansman set out on a mission to locate it and return it home. You begin your journey departing from The Den, your ancestral home, in the land known as the Northfell Highlands. Will you find what you're looking for? Or will you all perish braving the dangers of the wild?

Joining the Game
- I will accept the first six posters to this game.
- The first person to post should create their Outrider and then roll to TRAVEL.
- The next five posters should just create their Outrider. Do not roll anything. We will then take turns based off of posting order to TRAVEL.
- Each turn, someone rolls to Travel and we consult the chart. The players deal with the events and then the next person rolls to TRAVEL.
- If your Outrider dies, you are out of the game and the first person to post a new Outrider takes your place, falling in to your turn.

Creating Your Outrider:
- Give yourself a name
- In one or two sentences, tell us who you are
- In one or two sentences, tell us what you look like
- Assign a +3, +2, and +1 to Combat, Exploration, and Diplomacy

When you TRAVEL, tell us where your clan is riding to. You can go to any named location on the map. Roll a d6:
1: You encounter a threat and something goes terribly wrong! GM determines what and challenges the Outriders. Sorry, but as the person rolling, you'll probably die.
2-3: You run into something unexpected! Not something just bad or good, but something unique. GM determines what and challenges the Outriders.
4-5: Travel goes fine. The destination is reached without much fuss.
6: Travel is faster than expected, or maybe you run into some nice people or find some cool stuff. GM determines what and all the Outriders are rewarded.

If something goes terribly wrong, GM determines what and you roll a d6:
1-5: You die a painful death. You are out of the game. Better luck next time.
6: You somehow manage to survive. You lucky bastard.

Whenever you reach a destination, roll a d6:
1: The location is hostile, and those here don't want you to find what you're looking for (or maybe they want it for themselves!)
2-3: The location is quirky, with interesting inhabitants and an odd structure. You won't find what you're looking for here, but you'll find something else.
4-5: The location is roughly what you expected. What you're looking for isn't here, but there might be clues to it, if you look hard enough or ask the right people
6: This is the place! What you're looking for is actually here! The sword is always guarded, and if you fail to get it (for the guards are always challenging and call for sacrifice...) then it moves to a new place, most likely pretty far away.

When the GM challenges you:
Roll 1d6 and add which ever skill makes the most sense (Combat, Exploration, or Diplomacy).
You must roll a 6 or higher to succeed.

Not to rain on the parade before it gets started, but games in Non Sequitur cannot have limited participants. If you want to do that, you should create a game forum.

Can you point me to where it says that? I'm not sure what harm this thread could do to this forum. I figured this counted as a "light-hearted forum game" in a similar vane to "A Slime Appears". The number of participants is only temporarily limitted since the rules state that when you die you're out of the game and the next person to step in takes your place. A full on game forum is not the best location for a quickie-game like this.

Hmm, you're correct that the stated rule didn't clearly articulate the distinction of being in a public forum. I've fixed that.

Placeholder post. This looks interesting. I don't have time to read it in it's entirety yet but will do so in a couple hours when I get home. Is this thing still gonna happen? Or will it be moved somewhere else. By the way did you get your name from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, one of the best shows in the history of tv? If so I will give you my soul. Which is also rum and ham flavored.

Character Block

Name: Brokk the Brave
Age: 38
A travelling Warrior and Hunter, who works for the town doing dangerous missions that is needed. Armed with his heavy two handed Axe he searched for the legendary sword. When not slaying beasts and killing dragons, he bests others in tests of strengths, darts and woman.

A large man at 6,5 while weighing in at 325 pounds of almost pure muscle. Long flowing blonde hair tied into a ponytail that matches his handlebar mustache. Wears brown bear furs and chainmail for armor. Walks with a little bit of a slight limp from an old arrow wound. Has a slight beet gut coming in and tends to smell of the roads.

Character Sheet
Combat: +3
Exploration: +2
Diplomacy: +1

I will roll travel in case this thing still happens. I would like to go to Mordenhold in the Northern Highlands.
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 4
Travel (4)

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