Ve'caraven, Twi'lek Pilot

Ve'caraven, Twi'lek Pilot


I'll whip up a more map-friendly image for her later~...

Character Sheet
Female Twi'lek Noble
Age: 24, Height: 1.4m, Weight: 48kg

Starting rolls made here.

Hey, Beeblebrox (great username, by the way), I would like to have Vek's blaster
modified as if a tech specialist had had a go at it. If that is okay I'll deduct the cost
of the modifications and such from her starting credits.

Thanks! Was going to do Slartibartfast, but he was already taken! Huge fan of the series.

As per the tech specialist feat: "The market value of a modified item is equal to the base cost of the item plus double the cost of the modifications made to it." I think that would put a modified blaster pistol at about 2,500 credits and a heavy blaster pistol at 2,750 credits. Hope that helps.

Also, are those pictures your work? Because I'm really impressed! Especially with the icon. What do you think about "whipping up" images for the rest of the characters, and maybe icons for combats too?

HGTTG was the first audiobook I ever got on my iPod, so I have "read" it... well,
quite a few times XD . Absolutely love the series. It's right up there on my favourite
book list, next to Good Omens, Persuasion, and The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray.

Yeah, I know how to calculate modified weapons costs d(O u O)b . The last game
I was in -- that I had originally tried to play Vek in -- started at level four, and I had
modified the gun for that game.

Indeed OuO; . The top picture was obviously Order of the Stick inspired, but I made
it, yes X'D . I've been messing around with a sharp-edged lineless style lately that I
am going to try drawing Vek in next.

Those little icons are a blast to make! I normally dont commit to drawing/spriting
anything because as soon as I do I choke but those are relatively easy, and I have
done them in
groups before. Besides, I've been in an artsy mood recently! I'll start
creeping through people's references and see what I can drum up~.

The calculating it out was more for me than anything. I have played SWRPG consistently since the RCR days and still have trouble remembering the detail rules.

As for the art, no pressure! You don't need to commit to anything. We've all had icons for the last year that have worked great, but custom ones are always cooler! If you ever feel like it though, they'd be much appreciated!

This system can be a bit on the complicated side X'D ... I'll probably be asking
for mechanics help from time to time. Hehehe.

When I built Vana (the modified blaster pistol) last time, the GM said that the tech
specialist upgrade (improved accuracy) was double cost -- since it says so, nice and
clearly, in the rules --, but that the regular modification (eletrograpple handle) was
normal price. Is that how you would do it? Or would you double the cost of that as
well? I can't seem to find any reference in the book, one way or the other... I guess
because they make the assumption that you are going to be the one modifying it X'D .

Also, does this crew have a ship? Or do they just pick up where they can?

A tech specialist modification and an upgrade are different I guess. So I'd say that you can attempt (with a roll) to install the electrograpple handle, or you can just pay double and not roll.

As for the ship, they have been riding along with this Captain Tikaris fellow, who you can read about in the Characters thread. He's got a leg wound right now, so we will see how things turn out. I can tell you that with a pilot character in the party now, there's the potential for a ship coming your way. I'll be sure to consult you and the party when it comes to choosing the model and the like.

I'm just going to pay double. I really don't need to save the credits XD . I
have (more or less) decided to take the wealth talent, seeing as it is one
of only three noble talents that I think will be of any use to my character...
and I want a speederbike BD .

I'll be sure to read up on all of the NPCs~.

So, I think Vek is more or less good to go now... feel free to express any questions,
comments, or concerns. (That goes for all of you, not just Beeblebrox.) If you want
to have a look at the credit spending breakdown, you can see it here.

I don't know what I think about the speeder bike option, or wealth for that matter. I feel like I should warn you that owning a vehicle like a speeder bike could be a liability more than an asset. Things get wild fast with this party, and I'd have to warn you there's a solid chance it would be stolen or lost before you'd even get a chance to use it, just because the circumstances would lead to the party flying off (or whatever your flying in flying off, without the party) without having time to recover it.

By no means though does that mean that you won't have the chance to use a speeder bike! I'll take that into consideration and make one available sometime in the next adventure, but owning one would likely be a waste of resources.


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