Ve'caraven, Twi'lek Pilot

Its only a waist of resources if you need the resources for something else ;D .

I don't particularly like the wealth talent myself, but considering that it is pretty much
the only noble talent with much weight, I tend to forgive it. (Compared to many other
class talents that have varied or common use, most noble talents seem a bit...
I should qualify that statement by adding "for this build". Many of the talents would be very useful under other circumstances.
I'm not too worried about the availability of speeders and such~.

Removing the wealth talent didn't take much tweaking, although now I need to find
something to replace it with XD .

Other than that though, any thing you want me to mod?

EDIT: I think I am going to go with Assault Gambit XD . Let the other characters do
the attacking for her. I'm going to have a look over the other's character sheets first
though. Make sure they have nice high initiative bonuses XD .

If I may ask, why did you choose the Noble class if the talents are weak? If it's just for the Treat Injury class skill, may I suggest you start with another class, then take a single level of Noble (or Soldier) and grab the Skill Training (Treat Injury) as your multiclass "starting feat"? (House rule: last paragraph of this post.)

Also (beeblebrox did warn everyone):
  • add your character level to all your Defenses (the first column called "Level/Armor");
  • not sure how you're getting +2 on your damage. We get half our level, round down, so at 3rd level it should be +1;
  • you might want to watch the weight of the equipment you're carrying because you're under a heavy load apparently;
  • you're missing 2 languages (or 6 if you're still starting with Noble and therefore the Linguist feat).

Why noble class? You know, I can't remember off the top of my head, but I do believe there was a
reason. I'm pretty chill with this character though, so, I probably wont switch XD . Reading back I
see that my earlier post probably came off as whiny, and I'm sorry, because it wasn't meant to. I
really, really didn't care about the wealth talent... or any talents... or any of the mechanical stuff,
to be perfectly honest XD . I play for the character, so, how 'effective' the build is is secondary --
or irrelevant, really -- to me.

Ah. The +2 was because I copied this over from my old level four build of this character. I thought
I had caught all of those things.

Originally I had had her set up with strength 10 and constitution 8, then I switched them up
because I forgot why I had put them that way in the first place! I knew there was a reason.

My first table top gaming experience was with D&D 3.5. I played a gnome rogue with a perfectly
awful strength modifier. Her carrying capacity was so low that she couldn't wear her armour and
carry her crossbow at the same time XD . I thought I had learned my lesson, but I keep making
the same mistakes X'D .

Languages! Knew I was forgetting something (else).

Thanks for going over my sheet~

Hey Andraia. I think you may have forgotten to save your sheet after editing it last, since the wealth version is still on it. Just a heads up!

^^ This! In response to you no longer having the speeder bike! I saw it on your sheet so I put it in the description. Fix your sheet and I can edit that bit out!

Ah! Sorry, I don't know how this escaped my notice XD ! I'll go fix it now.
(I can't remember what I had used in its place though, so the new talent
will have to wait until I have returned to my handbooks.)

No problem, take your time! While you're at it, I'd suggest flipping through the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide and selecting a background. I would suggest Sullust, which would grant you Climb and Survival as class skills, should you ever decide you want them, and Sullustese as a free language, which would free up a spot for Bocce or something else you might want.

I'll be sure to have a look OuO .

That also reminds me that I have a lot of languages to choose >_____> .

Thanks for the sprites! Also, now would be a good time to finish your character sheet, which is still missing a talent, some languages, and includes references to your bike. Just want it all in shape in case combat breaks out in the bar.


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