Ve'caraven, Twi'lek Pilot

I finally got her character sheet up to standards OuO;; . Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry.

For backgrounds, it came down between Pilot and Coruscant. I was going to go with Coruscant for
her background, since it was a big part of her "motivation", such as it is, for being a member of the
rebellion, but in the end Pilot won out, largely because it gives me access to the mechanic skill next
level. (Also, Coruscant would have given me another language, which would have been great, but I
am suffering from a rather unusual problem in that area. More details later on.)

I added "educated" for second (technically first) talent. I might end up going for "assault gambit"
next time she gets one >u> .

I ran out of room for languages on the character sheet XD . So I took Basic off the list, since no
one is putting it in language tags anyway. This would have been more of a problem, had I gone
with the Coruscant background, since I would have had to omit another language, and I would
have probably followed through with my original plan of taking the linguistics feat again when our
characters leveled next (giving me even more languages I would not be able to put on the list).

You can put multiple languages on a single line, separated by spaces, not commas. For example, you can put:

Basic Binary Ryl

on a single line. Using commas does not work well with the lang tag.

Also, why do you put an enter at the end of each line (vs each paragraph)? You should see how that messes up the display on my phone...

Originally Posted by BlackPhoenix View Post
You can put multiple languages on a single line, separated by spaces, not commas.
Hooboy, that's awesome! Thanks!


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