Mykl N'Rune, Human Sniper

Mykl N'Rune, Human Sniper

Name: Major Mykl N'Rune, Retired
Sex: Male
Species: Near Human (Genetic Cultivar)
Class: Soldier/Scoundrel (Sniper)
Role: Assault / Tactics
Character Sheet

Really sorry, stuff came up, posting sheet now, and will add to it later.

I have a question as to what direction you're looking to take your character both short-term and long-term. What kind of situations and environments do you want to see as far as combat and skill encounters? What are your character's long-term and short-term goals? I'm trying to get this game rolling again full speed over the next month, so answering these questions should help both of us moving forward.

I often like to adapt my character to the direction of the story, but...

1. I love the support role in missions, even if there is no combat. I also like the role of the old soldier, providing advice and experience.

2. I would like any type of infiltration / espionage plot/ encounters.

3. except for the "getting the party killed" part, I would enjoy combat encounters (we are the rebels).

4. If I take up the piloting option, I really enjoy the advanced starship stuff from "Starships".

5. for the above, if the whole party is involved in some way, I would love a multi ship encounter.

As for my goals, Mykl wants to get the skum out of power and see a return to the Republic, so I see him being on board for just about anything. He does not want to be team leader (bad memories), but will be critical of bad leadership.

I plan to keep going with the whole soldier Gun guy (now mixed with pilot), but could branch out into infiltration sabotage (explosives?).

I think that spaceship combat and sniper can actually work well together. Almost all of the feats/talents that help with guns can be used with starship weapons too, as far as I know, though some of them might only work in the gunner's seat. I may house rule that to fix it though.

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