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Let me share how horrifically that last round went for me. It's really quite astonishing...

First, Ruve not only made her checks by a nice large margain, I rolled a 4 on the demon's will save to resist it... meaning its stunned for three rounds and I couldn't be more irritable about that. I wanted to wear somebody on its back.

Secondly, I rolled the Arrow Demon's will save to resist being blinded and (I would have succeeded on anything but a 1, 2, and 3) and rolled a 2. My archer just got blinded for 9 rounds.

Third, I rolled for Sam and got a critical hit. On a smite check. And because the demon was blind, she got her sneak attack. I hate my life.

Finally, I get to roll for my precious arrow demon and I roll two critical misses. Two. Then, I roll, determine that it shoots the arrows at its friend and roll there. Critical hit as far as hit location goes. And, it could have been not so bad, but when I rolled up the arrow demon's arrow types, like you're suppose to, he got 100 adamantine arrows... so good buy damage reduction. >_<

So yeah, bad day to be a demon, good day to be one of you. For now. I even made a map!


Mr. Spikey - 24
Zal - 22
Norsam - 22
Ruve - 18
Yolua - 17
Sam - 11
Arrow - 6
Sel - 6
Cady - 5

I need more demons... where can I find more demons? Oh wait, I know where...

PS: Those aren't boats... they're wagons. Wagons, you hear me?! *shakes fist menacingly*
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Poor Zal. Only a 15% of success. *whimper*

Nice boats, btw. A little small next to the phallic symbols, though. Umm...errr...nevermind.

NE, you know that the wagons are actually smaller than the actual PCs? I must admit, this has me stumped.

I don't suppose Sam has an adamantine weapon?

Ok, Reverse of "Potent Word of Nurturing," no saving throw for Mr. Spiky if I make my Truespeak
Dice Roll: 1d20+29
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 48)
Check. If that succeeds, I deal the bugger
Dice Roll: 6d6
d6 Results: 6, 5, 1, 2, 1, 4 (Total = 19)
this damage. The next round I get to use a move action and a concentration check to deal it again, in addition to whatever other utterance I want to use...

I forgot how much fun it is to play a Truenamer. I haven't used Ruve much in battle at all.

Y'ought'a look inta one, then. Me too, except my little pigsticker is already made of something else. Oh well, I can't hit anything with it, so no matter.

Seriously, are we waiting for something special as far as posting the next round goes? Not to sound like a broken record, but I've started to get paranoid. >_>

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