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Unable to find any characters in game 633

The +1 is from Point blank shot, so if the critter is more than 30 ft away, then lower the roll by 1. Also, I didn't add in Sneak Attack because I wasn't sure if the thing was flat footed.

To Zal, Conner and Xeran: Don't forget to add the extra +1 on attack rolls and damage rolls, from Prayer

I'm sure NE hasn't ofrgotten to take off 1 for the same rolls... have you?

Alright! Battle resolution! Honestly, before Xeran cast his spell, the poor beastie only had 15 hp left. =( So yeah, it was pretty much dead and y'all would have finished it off no problem. The swarm of guards, however, might have given you a little trouble.

Experience points for everyone! So yeah, that semi-homebrew beast was a CR 14 which results in 3,600 experience for everyone! Yay! Also, I'm going to tack on another 1,000 exp for successfully surviving the dungeon. Sound about fair? Go ahead and add 4,600 exp to each character, eh? Out of curiosity, does that level anyone up?

This battle thread is closed as we are no longer in battle. Further details about where you find yourself now is in the OOC thread. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed that fight!

It doesn't level Sam up, but then we haven't done that much since you leveled us up last.

Unable to find any characters in game 633

Charging and Smiting if Conner isn't evil then -3 to both rolls

Unable to find any characters in game 633

Unable to find any characters in game 633

I'll make a note of that for next time.

Tossing a
Dice Roll: 7d6
d6 Results: 2, 3, 3, 2, 6, 5, 3 (Total = 24)
Fireball into the largest knot of troops I can find, after moving down next to Kalem.

New Death and Killing!

Ok, let's get this battle off right.

For those curious, the fire surrounding the front door is the Wall of Fire spell, but a spellcraft check of 15, I believe, is required for your character to know that. The map below details the guards and everyone's positions that are in the actual main room. This is a big battle, so choose your actions carefully. You're outnumbered, so keep in mind that after you move, a lot will happen before you get the chance to act again. Play it smart or you won't last too long.

The guards look the same as the ones you fought in the prison complex; same standard outfits, so I won't bother describing them again. The creature is already wounded and bleeding, but otherwise looks the same as the one you killed a few hours earlier. Eerie how that works out, isn't it?


Maloria = 21
Kalem = 20
Cady = 10
Xeran = 11
Zal = 6
Collective Forces of Evil So Wicked That It Alone Would Curl Your Grandmother's Hair = 4

Right then. Sel and Sam (who will be busy dressing for another 4 rounds) can just post in their actions and I'll blend them in if I need to. Well, any questions? Or are we ready to start the real carnage?
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Ok, quick edit, thanks to simulposting the DM... I'm going to target the square number 3 is standing in, since I think that gives me the best coverage.


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