OOC Shenanigans

This announcement provokes within Our glorious Self a feeling. We shall call it Eudaimonia. Now This One is free to procrastinate further.

Procrastination?! Eudaimonia is not complete without Arete!

But anyway...no, a quick start would be something of an injustice, particularly to considerations of the team balance and also to all the individuality poured into highly customized characters. Or another way, 'role' gives me a loose mold to fit the characters into the engine/mechanics of the campaign, and the finer details provide a loose mold to contour the campaign around the characters, all of which is a complex stew requiring some hearty simmering at various stages in the process.

So once the pressure is back on me after all the game has jumped into the pot () I'll have some more 'taste-perfecting', as it were before the brew is served. Tastebuds can vary I suppose but surely the first adventure is merely the appetizer? Haha...

/end mad scientist jibber jabber

No one is fully done yet, though some are close.

So there's 5, debating on whether 6 is better or not, still. Although I would probably highly favor a Blaster type, heavy TKer, or someone using Super Strength if I did bring in one more. Not that I have a target to invite anyway. Unless someone else has a likely interested party to suggest or invite independently, it'd be a recruitment for that one. I could also just leave it for more NPC 'room' and/or pass the issue until later (not like this campaign is intended for it to be difficult to bring someone new in).

I'm fine with either. Life is still slowing me down, but I'm not going to disappear; I waited too long for this game to come about, heh heh.

Whatever you're comfortable with works for me.


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