OOC Shenanigans


*startled and jerks and knocks over many contraptions and beakers full of strange fluids which crash to the floor*

Fffffff....!!!! MY TOE!!!

Oh. I meant my work disrupting AgentD's experiments is done. I like explosions! My work on the PC, well, that's still ongoing. Almost got her done, I think.

Since I hadn't stated it: assuming I get everyone here sorted, I'll probably pass on going for a 6th player for now.

Noting now that 20% of players generally drop out in the first story arc, that will still leave us with four.

I think it's fairish odds it won't happen here, but even if it does that'll just mean recruiting up to 2 later rather than one. Or possibly just you guys having to put up with more NPCs. ;D

Because it's supposed to be a growing super-team, there will likely be some in and out expected anyway, in an IC sense.

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