OOC Shenanigans


Lilim would be such a lurker there. If she can't talk with humans face to face for twenty minutes without making someone try to wrap their hands around her throat, there's no freaking way she can give anything remotely resembling a true opinion about these immature dipshits without getting banned.

Haha, the set of circumstances that'd even lead to Lilim getting an invite would be interesting. One of those closed pockets of 'friends' and acquaintances. Most of them are Supes (not all) at the Academy or Merlins but its not exactly that every Supe is someone Neuro thinks contributes to the dialogs she's interested in (relevant debate of New Avalonian and Guard topics in general) and has met them and such.

It's still possible of course that anyone could cross her attention (for one thing, Neuro is an amazingly strong Technopath constantly pushing Violet Zero's boundaries, so she tends to 'see' a lot) or some linked friend, etcetera. Though secondary cliques can bring people in she might not normally bring, she herself is quite interested in actual merit in new people coming in. A bit contradictory with what she tolerates in many of the other members, but I leave the reasonings there to interpretation and imagination rather than getting into it.

Aaaand...Bah. Not seeing some of the avatars of the personalities here at work. Not sure if they died internet pic link death or what.

So it's a new month. I'm assuming everyone is still intending to play? 3 are nearly done, being Kopana, ERS, and CC. Technically ERS is done other than perhaps a few equipment details.

I would like the characters done by the end of the month, assuming I myself get a few things done as optional preppage which I've set as a goal while basically otherwise waiting on chargen. Which is highly likely (considering the fact I did a somewhat irrelevant extra in the form of the forum bit already ). So if there are any issues with this, let me know by whatever format you prefer.

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