The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

You each find yourself in the tiny town of Kingsholm barely a speck on the map, but what speck you believe it to be. Weeks ago a bard you came across told you of an old legend told to her by an old farmer on his deathbead. She told you that somewhere near this little village of Kingsholm an ancient overlord, a king rested with all his servants and their treasure. Hearing the bard repeat this tale practically made you salivate with excitement and greed. Who knows how much treasure there could be? But anything befitting a king in your minds would be well worth the trip. So here you are: Kingsholm.

You now sit eating and drinking at the local inn, The Coronet and Cabbage Inn. It's on the small side, but it will do to serve your needs. In the meantime you sit and plan.

Stilgar Tuek

Seated at one end of a tavern bench, is a short, skinny dwarf noisily clanking around in armour that's obviously too big for him. He has a long brown beard, neatly braided, an impressively large nose, and deep brown eyes that peer about, brightly inquisitive. Having checked, double checked and repacked his gear several times, it's obvious to all that Stilgar is brimful of nervous energy. Apparently unaffected by the ceaseless fussing, a large, roan coloured dog - a ridgeback - sleeps soundly under the bench. Finally squaring away his pack for the umpteenth time he calls for a meal.

"A hot meal and some ale, for me and my trusty hound Korb," he announces a little too loudly, and flashes what appears to be an attempt at a charming grin around the room.

Quietly watchful, Liarra sat in a corner of the room observing her adopted group for treasure hunting in the wilds near Kingsholm. The monk wasn't as keen over the notion of treasure as the others, yet was anticipitating the quest with eagerness all the same, wanting to pit herself against the challenges below.

She stirred and lifted her glass of water and took a sip. She had offended the owner of this fine establishment by refusing to take nothing but water and greens for her meal, as was her usual custom. The said worthy had not even attempted to talk to her since, and as the thought crossed Liarra's mind the corner of her mouth lifted in a sardonic grin.

Observers would notice that Liarra is dressed simply in a tunic, breeches, boots and a light travelling cloak with a hood. Her pack rested by her feet and a strange implement that looked like a sickle but wasn't hung from her belt. Her hood was up, obscuring part of her face in shadow, but the remaining portion that could be seen showed gray eyes, a somewhat misshapen nose, and a lock of blonde hair.

Dana sips her chilled, tart wine and nods at the others sitting before her. She studies her newfound companions with a customary modest vigilance, privately typecasting them. While they seem to be a motley crew, she feels secure in the knowledge that her colleagues have come with the same sense of adventure or purpose as she.

Outside the convent, Dana has felt the need to prove herself to most men, not as a devout paladin but rather as a competent warrior. She smiles imwardly at the thought that three of the five people sitting here come from the fairer sex. While she would love to chalk up this fact as a trend towards cultural progress, she knows it to be merely a fortunate coincidence and therefore remains quiet for a moment longer so that her companions can assess her.

The female paladin creates a fair yet striking image. Her strong limbs, compact shoulders and stern stare reflects a toughness about her, without detracting from her sinuous, feminine figure. In fact, she appears all woman in spite of her steely bearing and warrior garments. She has since loosened a thick belt that normally hugs her supple waist to let her longsword and throwing hammer hang comfortably at her sides. A winged helmet, currently sitting on the table in front of her, normally conceals her long silky blonde hair.

"I'll be honest," Dana finally says to the group. "I'm not exactly used to planning in such a forum. That is, I've never really planned with people I barely know and in a tavern. Any ideas how we should start? Maybe we should do a round of introductions?"

"Makes the two of us, doll." a grunting little voice chimes in from across the table and behind a wall of empty mugs separated by two tiny crossed boots showing considerable wear on their soles.

"I'm not used to planning with others at all. If anyone else knew my plans I wouldn't be a very good uh, upstanding citizen, as I am." the owner of the feet adds before a belch and the woody clank of another mug downed and added to the line.

The feet recede and a face emerges from the iron capped logs of the Halfling's fence. A scouring little face with a furrowed brow and dark brown eyes peers from between them. "I know the Dwarf, well enough." he juts a thumb towards the hound toting bearded feller ordering dinner. "Heard me spinning some tales for bread last eve and conscripted me to come along on a treasure hunt of some sort? I'm good at those and been itching to get at the one 'round this hole. Dunno if I'm stupid enough to do it alone. Hope you can use the aid. If not, bigger share then when I get it myself." he says matter o'factly, then returns to a normal sitting position. Arms crossed, one hidden hand on the smooth wooden handle of a small knife under his arm.

Liarra looked at the small figure with something akin to disbelief. How did one so small put away so much liquid? And that liquid being alcohol at that? She shuddered inwardly to think of the damage done to his liver.

Putting away the disquieting thoughts, she lowered her hood to reveal short cropped blonde hair that was almost mannish, a broken nose, a long, hooked scar down the left side of her face, and clear gray eyes. "Greetings. I am Liarra Montague, you can call me Liarra or Li. I heard of the so-called treasure and while nice, that is not my goal. I intend to pit myself against the challenges this endeavour has to offer, and to develop and improve my personal capabilities. I see that you are from the Order of Valkyries, lady knight, and it is one known to my order as well. I would be honored to accompany you," she said, oddly formal in this homely surroundings.

Dana's eyes light up like a green fire and she smiles at Liarra. It may be too soon to tell, but the paladin does sense a kindred companion in the monk. She sees the cloaked lady as a fellow sister of relious order, but clearly one with ascetic ways.

"The honor is all mine," Dana says to Liarra. She leans back in her chair to acknowledge and converse with the entire group. "My name is Dana Runestone, warrior maiden, missionary and standard barrier of the Red Knight. In a land of scheming wizards, unholy priests, bloodthirsty dragons, and infernal fiends, legends claim the paladin is the final hope that cannot be extinguished. I plan to prove that these legends are in fact true."

Dana neither balks nor blushes as she ends her comments. She actually sits in proud silence and continues to stare at the other members at the table, waiting for the dwarf and the other lady to formally introduce themselves.

Stilgar Tuek

Puffing himself up the dwarf clears his throat. "And I am none other than Stilgar Tuek, freelance guide and explorer extrodinaire. You see, Fharlanghn has gifted me with an uncanny natural talent for navigating - in every environ imaginable. As it happens, I have yet to actually test these unparalleled abilities. In fact, that's what brings me here to Kingsholm. Underground tombs and what not - notoriously easy to get lost in, you know. So I too, am here to pit my skills against this challenge, as it were." He looks around the group, beaming broady. "I shall be pleased to have such invaluable companions along for the adventure!"

Wringing his hands, the excitable dwarf pauses for a moment before blurting "Shall we leave now?! Does anyone know the way?"

Liarra cleared her throat. "Ahem... perhaps we'd best wait till morning?" she asked politely, though inwardly she cringed. "And as our guide and explorer extraordinaire, shouldn't you know the way to the place already?"

Stilgar Tuek

Stil does not seem the least bit perturbed by the question, and animatedly explains, "Ah! An excellent question Liarra! You see, whilst navigation and exploration are among my many talents, sadly, knowledge of ancient landmarks, or indeed geography in general, are not. I have been working rather studiously to rectify this, and if you're interested I could draw you several fascinating maps which I have memorised. Unfortunately, I've never come across an ancient tomb in the surrounds of Kingsholm. But fear not! Once we have directions, I am certain I can lead us unerringly!" He nods to himself with a self satisfied look.

He calls for the proprietor of The Coronet and Cabbage and explains, "We have come to investigate the report of an ancient king's tomb located hearabouts. Do you know of any such place? Perhaps the local graveyard might be a good place to start?"


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